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The Debate You Probably Missed

Most large scale Presidential Debates suck.  Can I say that?  It’s me, of course I can, and they do.  This is why I do not watch them.  But when you can sit a few candidates down and give their answers room to breathe, provide a forum rather than a sound bite factory, you may actually learn something.  Such was the case with the recent Gingrich-Cain "debate" and also with last nights Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC forum.

This "debate" was attended by four candidate.  Governor Buddy Roemer, Governor Gary Johnson, Senator Rick Santorum and Speaker Gingrich.  They were paired up (Roemer/Johnson; Santorum/Gingrich) and given about an hour for each of the two sets.  A moderator asked relevant questions and the candidates were permitted the latitude to answer at depth and engage each other.

This is what people want to see.  It is one of the few debates I have bothered to watch and the candidate I have endorsed was not even present.  It is not slick, or shiny, or pretty, but it is real.

If you missed it, GraniteGrok live streamed it, Grok TV will be posting the entire video of the event soon.  And we mean the entire event.  An event at which Speaker Gingrich probably had the best line.

When asked what President Obama’s biggest Constitutional failure was,  Mr Gingrich responded…

‘Not knowing which country he is president of.’

There was plenty of great discussion and it offered Roemer and Johnson in particular an opportunity to share their views, something the regular media has not offered them in any significant way.

Stay tuned.  The GrokTV version of the debate will be up in the next day or so.