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NH Gov. race – Maggie the Marxist – the Gift that will keep on giving ALL CAMPAIGN LONG!

This past Sunday, Maggie Hassan was on WMUR’s Close up with Josh McElven as she is now the only announced competitor to Ovide Lamontagne to be the next NH Governor (he being the Conservative and she the (to use her favorite word) extremist Progressive. 

I listened to the show and then transcribed what she said as certainly there are some things that will certainly delineate stark differences: Ovide being foursquare on the Live Free or Die philosophy and promoting self-reliance, and Hassan all over being the craddle to child protector of her wards of the State (there is no Adult in the Progressive world, unless you are running Government).


For example, there are fewer things more baffling to me than a Progressive using the words "forward" and "backward" as she does here:

"I am very concerned with the Legislature in Concord right now…taking us backward"

"Move the State forward".

I always have to wonder what the heck to they mean by:

  • forward – to the Right on top of Maine (more liberal), to the bottom (on top of Massachusetts; even more liberalness?), or to the Left (we’re surrounded by Libs!)
  • backward – to what?

They love to use those words but funny, they will never explicitly define it. However, I think that they believe that forward is anything that grows Govt – regulates more, taxes more, and provides more intrusiveness into our daily lives. 

If someone goes to one of her campaign events, politely ask her: how will moving forward protect our Individual Rights and keep Govt out of our hair?

Certainly we can guess at our new legislative agenda if she wins the race: most of us don’t live our lives properly, we need Maggie’s guiding hand via the Nanny State to specifically tell us what our choices are.  And certainly, those Greedy corporations and that free market – if they ONLY would do as we want, we’d all have more and better jobs. And certainly we need to never talk back and complain (Shrill Kathy will be back to her micro-DISCLOSE act again).

I can hear Harrel Kirsten reving up the crowds: "Coming to a race near you, let’s have a loud welcome back to MaggieCare and HassanSpeech!"