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White Conservative Racists

The monthly Hot Air Presidential Poll is out and Herman Cain is kicking some serious ass among the conservative racists we keep hearing about. They must be feeling almost as guilty as the white liberal racist that voted for Obama.

Cain is, of course, the wrong kind of black man.  He is not part white.  He didn’t hang out with socialists, domestic terrorists, and union bosses.   He has tons of experience as an executive navigating the ins and outs of office and board room politics, and he does not bow down at the alter of identity politics.   And conservatives like him a lot.

Not only do they like him, they are enthusiastic about the candidacy, and looking forward to voting for their candidate and not because they feel guilty about anything.

The news for Herman Cain this month could not be much better.

Cain gets more support in this survey than the next three candidates combined.

And he is tied with Perry as the most popular second choice if the first choice dropped out.

So let the Freeman’s and Jackson’s and Gar-awful-oh’s, living in their little left wing culture bubble, call us racists.  We know the truth.  And we know why Obama is unpopular.  He is the epitome of the Socialist-Democrat agenda, and we could care less what color he is–we don’t want that kind of country.