"He said if the Selectmen do not do something he will go to the newspapers." - Granite Grok

“He said if the Selectmen do not do something he will go to the newspapers.”

This is funny as all get out – once again, we have a flaming liberal demanding something be done by other people to satisfy his needs (or ego)!  Just cracks me up!  I’m on my hamlet’s Budget Committee and this is now budget season here in NH.  Thus, we have started our meetings with the Town departments and (soon) the School Board to create the budgets that will be voted upon by the folks in town.  So, what’s the beef?

It seems that Leo Sanfacon, a spending liberal who (in my previous run-ins with him) is only concerned with "the quality of life" (and not always the cost thereof) contacted the Town Administrator who relayed a message:

Today I received a phone call from Leo Sanfacon.  He is requesting the Selectmen take steps to make sure the Budget Committee meetings are broadcast on cable TV.  During this conversation I suggested that he submit his request directly to the Budget Committee because the Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee are independently elected bodies and neither has any legal authority over the other.  He said if the Selectmen do not do something he will go to the newspapers.  He then indicated he would like a call-back from Chairman O’Brien to ensure that his message was delivered.

Heh!  It seems that the kerfuffle from last week’s brush up between a few of the members of the Committee over conflict of interest finally reached the space between his ears, and I bet that he is some upSET over some of what happened as the dustup hit the papers ("oh, the ignominy of it all, we just don’t behave that way in this town….").

You know, I really do wish that he goes to the newspapers – and show himself to be of the classification "moroon".  You know…

…when this came up at last night’s meeting, I started laughing (for a bit) as I pretty much post all the video up at my little blog, GilfordGrok (that lately has turned into the banished to the pig sty, ignored step-child of Granitegrok) of the goings on of the Budget Committee meetings (either recorded or live streamed) lately.  But I have kept up doing the videoing of the main BudComm meetings, so, if the local papers report on something "activity", anyone can go see it for themselves and make an informed decision.

My take on this demand is this:  Leo, if you were all that interested, you’d get off yer lazy a** and sit in the audience every Thursday night as we go through the line items.  There’s even a public input time for folks to bring their concerns to the BudComm to tell us how you really feel.  However, it seems that there are generally lots of lonely chairs out there most meetings – feel free to introduce your butt to one of them some time.

Better yet, instead of railing "that somebody has to do something about this" – if you are all so hot and bothered about this, bring YOUR camera and bring YOUR tripod and use YOUR time and YOUR expertise (anyone can pretty much learn how to do this) and do it your Liberal self!

Yes, folks, I get rather torqued up when some folks get high and mighty about something and demand that something has to be done about it – but won’t step forward to handle it themselves. 

No Leo, threatening to "go to the papers" won’t mean that you are doing anything concrete to to fix a problem (if indeed there is one) except to salve your frayed conscience that something is rotten in Denmark and that you are missing it from the comfort of your easy chair.  Demanding that someone else do something to force someone else to behave in a manner of your liking, well, that smacks of arrogance.