GrokTV Special Interviews from OccupyNH (Occupy Wall Street): "UNH Fencer" - Granite Grok

GrokTV Special Interviews from OccupyNH (Occupy Wall Street): “UNH Fencer”

Another of our micro-interviews was with a young lady, seemingly from UNH (according to her jacket), who I spotted standing and holding a sign at the curbside of Elm Street in Veterans Park in Manchester.  Although she seemed a bit confused that I would even ask, she allowed herself to be interviewed:

I’m betting, however, that she’s feeling that cardboard came with a spell checker (re: remembering the recent past where all those Libs sneered at TEA Party signs with similar mistakes).  Last time I checked, too, corporations don’t get a vote either. 

That said, she did nail the primary beef (at least at this rally) of crony capitalism as well as knowing that two radically different solutions are being debated (much more govt or much less govt).  Sigh….she chose the former.