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GrokTV Event from OccupyNH (Occupy Wall Street): Random Clips

Here are some other video clips from yesterday’s OccupyNH (Occupy Wall Street)’s rally in Manchester.  Somethings that struck me as I re-watched the clips (in random order):

  • 0:30 – It’s a bit weird to listen to the "human microphone" fashion of speaking at these gatherings.  Speak 3-6 words, let the audience repeat it. I guess they believe regressing from using a bullhorn / PA system is progress.  It also seems to enforce the collectivist outlook – everyone, the same words, the same time, all the time… evoke the same thoughts?
  • 0:50 – It is very weird, in the beginning, to seemingly have to have an entire crowd decide how to use Porta-potties; I kinda thought in this day and age that pretty much most adults would have the proper decorum.

Not only have you had more coverage, but also more favorable coverage.

  • 4:26 – Oxymoron: "The 99% is everywhere".  Er, isn’t that true just by definition?  But isn’t it just a bit much that you, the 0.00001%, have decided you can speak for the rest of us?
  • 7:17- Will Manchester Mayor Gatsas really allow this crowd to camp out in Victory Park all winter in tents?  Have they pulled the permits and paid the fees?  Will they have to follow all sanitary and food handling ordinances?
  • 13:23 – I am still bothered by this "sign of hate and violence" (best seen at 17:58).  Watch the video to see that this is not an outlier holding it – it is right in the heart of their gathering in a "drum circle" (ok, more like a hazy grouping, but hey….). Not one person said "get rid of it, it’s hateful and  offensive".  I guess Political Correctness is only determined by who says it…
  • 18:24 – my favorite part:  Organizers cracking down on an "individual thought and action", stripping away individual initiative.  Must not act alone unless we all act together (and we will ensure that it happens by use of the "agenda / process" of the "human microphone".

You know, I DO have a great reason for the OWS folks to keep using the "human microphone" – it is FAR easier to transcribe what they say when they automatically repeat what was said a second time.

More thoughts after the jump

  • It’s slow to get anything said or done; it is also amazing that all these events have the exact same hand signals (betcha that cheerleaders aren’t happy that these folks have taken over "jazz hands")
  • 2:54 – And I thought that Buddy Roemer was the only R Prez Wannabee that would visit the the OWS movement (I STILL have to post up yesterday’s GrokTALK! where we talked about his visit).
  • 3:46 – Democracy in action?  A political movement, yes, but not democracy
  • Speaking of democracy, how come I had to keep correcting folks I talked to that we do not live in a democracy (but a Republic)?  It’s not like a secret or anything…, Teachers? 
  •  4:33 – Universal goals of peace and getting money out of our government.  Thus, I say a goal, a general goal, would be to reverse the peoples United Decision.  Er, that would be the Citizens United decision, allowing more political speech.  And that wasn’t a corporation – it was a non-profit.
  • 12:40 – Of COURSE taxes are too low for this crowd – that restrains all the good that a bigger government can do for us!
  • 13:23 I still don’t get it?  IF: "…people united in solidarity are more powerful than any one corporation dictating our lives", then why are corporations a problem?  If we are more powerful than corporations, HOW are corporations dictating how we live our lives? 

My corporation (my employer) tells me how to work (in exchange for giving me $$), but they haven’t gone Nanny on me to tell me to pick up my room.  Government, on the other hand, tries to tell me what light bulbs I can use, the foods I should eat, the energy I use, the cars I can drive, the construction of my pajamas, how I can take a shower….it used to be that the Libs complained how Republicans told people what to do in the bedroom – who let Progressives into every other room in my house AND my garage?