Deconstructing Elizabeth Warren in 135 Words - Granite Grok

Deconstructing Elizabeth Warren in 135 Words

Elizabeth Warren’s rant about "factory owners" benefiting from what other people paid for with their taxes begs at least two important questions.

First, where did the money come from that was taxed to build the roads, and pay the teachers, and equip the cops?   The answer is the factory owners–risk takers who created the jobs and provided wages to be taxed.  Without them, there are no wages, no taxes, and no government.

Second, how does Ms. Warren reconcile the fact that 47% of we the people effectively pay no taxes at all?  Why are they afforded unlimited access to the same roads, education and security services as factory owners  whose crime–at least in her eyes–is creating jobs for these "freeloaders" and by extension the very thing government needs to exist at all?