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Re: Uncomfirmed Rumor Department [Updated] [Updated again.]

RINOIt has come to our attention that the poster boy for New Hampshire RINO’s , Derry( r) Ken Gould, Rockingham Dist 5,  has had enough and he aint taking any more.

The rumor is that he has resigned from the New Hampshire House because he is tired of all the attacks on him.  (By attacks he probably means, talking about or showing people that seven times out of ten he votes with the democrats.)

We are working almost as hard to confirm the rumor as we have worked to show people his voting record. (Here, Here, Here, …too many to link.)

But in the mean time, if this happens to be true, we couldn’t be happier….you know, for Ken.

(woo hoo! /fist_bump)

[Update]: Ken is retiring because he is moving out of his district. He is moving to Kingston. People of Kingston! Don’t let him back in!

[Updated Again]: We may now have enough votes to override Right to Work in the NH House. The election to replace Gould will not happen in time to replace his no vote in the House. Just to be sure though, vote for Honey Puterbaugh this Tuesday!

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