Ah - it's still here! Me too, mostly - Granite Grok

Ah – it’s still here! Me too, mostly

Apologies to those that have been expecting me to put up posts of the events the ‘Grok went to the last week or so (or, a bit longer).  I had planned on putting up the videos, the audio interviews, and other stuff over the weekend – such a deal.

Well, Irene came and went.  My power went and has just come back – ditto with Internet, and other than green stuff and bark falling onto the ground (rather than through the roof), that was about it.  I’ll tell you, it WAS a rather strange feeling when being at home and not being able to just hop on, surf, or comment on something.  Yup, a bit of anxiety ensued of "what the heck am I missing?!?!?!?" like any news or political junkie.  

But there was an upside – for a few short hours, the constant distractions went away – until the wires were replaced.  You know, perhaps I have to arrange to have these periodic outages from time to time.  No, it’s not quite as simple as just walking over to the breaker box and flipping the switches myself – I have a fair amount of will power but am probably too addicted to the informational firehose to put the kink into it myself.  But it was nice to be able to think a few things further through without interruption than normal – and to be able to focus solely on that one item.  



At the least, I got the chance to start and finish this book – and will now will arrange for Marybeth Hicks to come on GrokTALK! and talk about how our kids are seemingly pawns to be used by the Left to achieve their political ends – so much for parents!


Perhaps it may well be the time to amp up the self-discipline a bit and throw that breaker…

…as long as it isn’t during a time when TMEW would start throwing a breaker of her own…..