Remind me who the party of no is again? - Granite Grok

Remind me who the party of no is again?

tent.jpgSenate democrats (who still happen to have the majority and control of that body) have not presented any kind of budget in over 700 days.  We would be right to assume it is because the budget they want would cost them representation and that failing to do their sworn duty is simply less dangerous politically.

Now, in the face of a failing Medicare system, the democrats have taken the same tack.  Do nothing.  Pelosi says the democrats plan is "Medicare."  Both Houses and all democrats (Including the line toeing candidate Shea-Porter) seem content to offer nothing but more of the same rhetoric while attacking Republicans for trying to avert a collapse.

The progressive program is to scare people about change we know we need to ensure we even have a Medicare program (not that we want what we have) while treating it like thier budget–no plan, no plan to have a plan, because their plan would cost them representation in congress.

To fill in any gaps they continue to ignore how democrats are holding Medicare down so Obamcare can gang rape it, while fabricating falsehoods about what the only plan we do have so far does.   DNC chair and Shea-Porter supporter Sargent "Debbie Wasserman" Schultz (any relation to Ed?) can’t even get her own compliant media to back up her liberal lies on Medicare reform.

So the only thing the democrats in congress have managed to create besides massive debt, lies,  unemployment, a dull dollar, rising inflation, overall misery, declining world stature, a rising Islamist threat, bad foreign policy, and fear appears to be a tweet by Anthony Weiner in which he has "pitched his tent (more or less)." 

If he successfully denies having created that the democrats will be back to nothing but lies, fear, and misery etc.


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