FYI - GrokTALK!s Gone Fishin' (Figuratively) - Granite Grok

FYI – GrokTALK!s Gone Fishin’ (Figuratively)

Gone FishinFiguratively speaking I mean. 

Even Bloggers need a vacation, even if it is just from the part that’s not blogging.  So no new GrokTALK! Podcast this week. 

But help yourself to leftovers.  We’ve got plenty of interviews that you may have missed to keep you going until next time.


 Kevin Williamson (also here) author of The Incorrect Guide to Socialism

Gov Gary Johnson was in studio here

Curtis Bowers directer of the documentary Grinding America down was our guest for most of hour two here (or you can go here).

And there’s plenty more.  SO check out the podcast page, find a topic or guest that interests you and give it a listen.  We’ll be back in short order to serve up some more.