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Body Of Proof

Body of ProofI watched ABC’s ‘Body of Proof’ the other night (Tuesdays at 10pm, ABC) and if you would like the worlds quickest synopsis here it is.

"House" meets "Quincy" with a touch of the Mentalist.

Dana Delany plays Dr. Megan Hunt a brilliant neurosurgeon who, after a car accident lacks sufficient feeling in her hands–they get numb–to perform brain surgery, so she relegates herself to working as a Medical Examiner where she learns from the dead instead of trying to save the living. From this ‘low’ perch she doles out genius like some Alpha-female version of Yoda, always knowing more and seeing more than anyone else in the room.  But she is so closed off as to be unapproachable.  She speaks and expects to be right, and for the most part is.

The pilot addresses the key points in her back-story, car accident, divorced without custody of her daughter.  Her ex-husband is a jerk to her.  And she is an irascible, know it all who has no apparent respect for any authority other than her own, even when it comes from her boss, another Alpha female (there are several in the show).

There is also a great deal of focus on Delany’s calves, always visible beneath close fitting, knee length skirts, just above her black heels.  I mention it because it seemed forced.  Other than that, and there is nothing wrong with Dana’s calves as far as I can tell, the show was very entertaining if you need another CSI-like, medical investigation, cop-drama.  Will I watch it again?  Probably not, but only because I do not watch much and my limited viewing schedule just got more limited with the beginning of Baseball season.

But I would recommend it.  Dr. Megan Hunt is Quincy/House etc, and its an interesting formulation of character to watch as everyone, and I mean everyone, tells her to get some friends.  At this point, she’s not friend-friendly, but she is respected and that almost makes it believable.