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Well, it’s nice to put closure on things from time to time.  First off,  time to close a chapter on a bit of a tiff: I have received an apology from Pat Hynes concerning this and it has been accepted.  Further, my friend has also accepted a contrite apology from Pat as well.  As our official motto is "Spank’em when they’re wrong and thank’em when they’re right", it is right thing to do to say "Thanks".  We also get the chance to put something else to bed as well with another apology:  from the NH Journal:

Correction to previous story

NH Journal ran a story last week stating blogger Skip Murphy “is slated to assume the role of Communications Director of the Republican State Committee” if Jack Kimball were to win the Chairmanship of the Republican State Committee. Both Kimball and Murphy strongly denied the suggestion and we published the Kimball campaign’s remarks claiming the story was untrue. We take both men at their word and regret not seeking their comment before publication. As it happens, as part of his transition team after having won the Chairmanship on January 22nd, Kimball has appointed Dover activist Chris Buck as his Interim Press Liaison.

Apology accepted in this as well. As I have watched over the last few years, it is often extremely difficult in the "political gotcha" world to apologize; often there are "mis-spokes", "mis-speaks", "well, I interpreted it differently", and "walk backs" that are seemingly acknowledgments of embarrassments but not really apologies.  In both of these cases, however, these folks stood up and took the whack.

Thank you.

(H/T: picture by James Pindell at WMUR Political Scoop, who thought that "I am NOT the second coming of Ryan Williams" was rather amusing)