Even a stopped watch is right twice a day: - Granite Grok

Even a stopped watch is right twice a day:

Not often do I agree with Blue Hampshire (yes, we do affectionately call them Boo-Hoo Hamsters from time to time), but on this, I will (emphasis mine):

The latest Pat Hynes/Shawn Millerick right wing smear machine masquerading as a news site takes a quote out of context and makes stuff up that isn’t in the interview.

NOW!Hampshire did start off, legitimately, as an NH news site, and then devolved to a political hack site (as seen during the last campaign cycle).  NH Journal has seemingly skipped the first step…

I will admit, they did have some amusing names for upcoming NOW!Hamshire version 3.0:

Old Men in the Mountains
Live, Freeze and Die
Then, NH
Whack-a-mole, anyone?
NH Weakly

And of course, in recognition as to how long Hynsie seems to be able to keep a project going:

Red today, gone tomorrow