You know, they ran roughshod over most of us. Now, they're whining about possible repercussions... - Granite Grok

You know, they ran roughshod over most of us. Now, they’re whining about possible repercussions…

Well funded groups with wholesome sounding names like "Cornerstone" are preparing to attack marriage, to overturn established law, to revoke civil rights, to rip families apart.

Yeah, that would be the Democrats here in NH; specifically Dean over at his Den of Progressivism, Blue Hampshire.  He’s all aghast that since the voters completely dissed his Progressives friends and voted in (gasp!) Republicans, he’s all afire as he just can’t believe that elections have consequences (ok, this was written last Friday; I don’t visit all that often):

Today we learned that majority will be led by a radical. 

Sure, the Republicans have taken over the majority – and with good reason!  Dean is absolutely apoplectic that majority of the voters rose up and gave the Democrats, because of their Progressive ways, the heave ho.  The Progressives ran the spending past the max and ran the social issues to the max as well – Hard Left.  And then some more.  For this, Dean didn’t expect that the majority of folks would genuflect in their Leftward position and re-elect them?  Now, Dean wants to blame the elected Republicans – he doesn’t get it that it was the majority of the voters that rejected his Liberal philosophy.

Blaming the voters – works wonders for the soul, doesn’t it?

The radical of which he speaks is Bill O’Brien (who probably will be the next Speaker of the House).  Remember, he was set up to be the Democrats’ Most Extreme winner (remember?  LOTS of conservatives were very upset over this website – no, not because they were on it but because they WEREN’T!).

You know, I was asked during the NECN interview, what I thought of being called a radical?  Remember my answer?  Effectively: "my, how times have changed!  For simply standing on and standing up for the values and philosophy expressed by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution, I’m branded a radical?  So be it – I gladly accept that title".  And I know that Bill gladly wears that title as well.

As to the majority of which Dean speaks: much to their utter disbelief, the vast majority of citizens of NH voted for candidates who openly ran conservatively.  To be sure, their campaigns were run primarily on fiscal issues: Issue #1, Issue #2, Issue #3, and Issue #4.  Then, and only then, did the the social issues weigh in.  Be very sure, however, that unlike most of the Democrats in 2006 and 2008 when Democrats hid their Progressive Liberal agenda, most Republicans honestly answered their opposition to what the Democrats had imposed on the State. Voters still voted for them. But will Dean acknowledge that the voters were right?  Hardly.

Dean also wants to blame conservative groups such as Cornerstone (Kevin Smith, with his partners like the National Organization of Marriage) and…

…attacks them for their efforts in the campaign for standing for what their believe in and willing to work for them.  Why shouldn’t have Cornerstone played a role?  After all, how many millions of Progressive and Gay $$ flowed into Dem bank accounts previously? Progressives raised the hackles of social conservatives for trashing traditional values; did they really believe that there would be no answer, that we would just let them do what they wanted?

Sidebar:  Dean cries out for "civility" legislatively – perhaps he ought to tell his commenter, mevansnh, the same thing:,

…for one, hope the day will come when those of us in this community will no longer be threatened with the kind of terrorism that would make the Taliban proud each legislative season.

…Why can’t the Kevin Smiths of this state just move-on…

Nice – equating someone who fights the good fight in the arena of ideas and persuaded the majority of folks that he was right.  Yet, you equate him with those totalitarians that, well:

  • Stones gays to death
  • Stones adulterers to death (or shoots them in head on a soccer field)
  • Kills anyone that besmirches Mohammed
  • Wishes to impose their way of life on others 

You really want to have this fight, bucko? That Progressives, like you, should be able to turn society upside down into your version of a socialist Utopia and the rest of us be cowered into silence?  Bring that fight – you’ll lose.

Overturn established law?  Umm, does Dean actually realize how hypocritical he is here? Again, do you really believe that your side should have free rein to "overturn established law" (which is exactly what you did), delight in having done so, and then decry it when Conservatives may do what you already did?  That’s like picking a fight on the schoolyard as a bully, and then running home to Momma when your "victim" decides to fight back.  Ain’t happenin’ here, dude.

To revoke civil rights? Well, once again, Progressives have shown Conservatives the say.  After all, it was Ron Tunning, former Laconia (NH) Democrat chair and gay activist, who said (paraphrased) "if they want that right, let them lobby for it!".  Translation: your rights come via lobbying Legislators and politicians in Government to pass laws; in effect, civil rights now are the gift of Government to its subjects.  Simply a matter of passing a law.  Sure, most Conservatives do not believe that philosophically, but since the Progressives have shaped that battlefield, do not be surprised that Conservatives will counter attack. YOU made a rule; we will use it against you (if the time comes – remember, the fiscal issues come first).  

This Long War started back in the 1880s in Germany by Von Bismarck and the Frankfurt School.  Dean and his fellow Progressives are merely the philosophical descendants of those early socialists that held that the State has primacy over its subjects.  Thus, they are in direct opposition to the Constitutional philosophy of Our Founding Fathers where Government is subject to the consent of its sovereign citizens.

Choose:  Progressive socialism with its emphasis of the collective and an ever burgeoning Administrative State vs the Framers and their vision of Limited Government and the primacy of Individual freedom and Liberty.

Fix Bayonets!