GrokTALK! - Podcast page for 11/27/10 - Granite Grok

GrokTALK! – Podcast page for 11/27/10

Podcast – week of 11/27/10


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Only "snippets" this week – no "Hours"

Skip and Doug manned the studio and we quickly talked about the happenings of the week and our guests during the rest of the show: Opening Segment.

Ann Marie Banfield is the Educational Liason for Cornerstone Action, a math whiz, and well versed on Educational Standards.  She comes on to talk about what is going on here in the State for standards, the influence of Marc Tucker (rejected by Hillary Clinton but embraced by the NH Dept. of Ed, hat tip to Jorge Mesa-Tejada for the pointer), points out the ties that the International Baccalaureate has, and more!  Part 1   Part 2

Ann Marie suggests these links for more info on Ed. Standards:

Sue Peterson comes on to talk about a project of the Blue Star Mothers of NH: the Wreathes of Rememberances and Hero Trees here. 

Doug and Skip talk about safety vs security: the TSA heavy handedness, citizen outrage, their concern of their Government overreaching in silently declaring Americans guilty ahead of their innocence, and a real Islamofascist in Portland, OR here 

DJ Bettencourt (NH House Representative, R-Salem, Windham) comes on and discusses his run to be the Majority Leader of the NH House, the priorities that face the New Republican majority, and why the Republican Caucus should vote for him. Part 1   Part 2 

Wrap up – last take on the TSA by Doug and Skip and show wrap up.

Recorded live stream: