GrokTALK! - Podcast page for 11/20/10 - Granite Grok

GrokTALK! – Podcast page for 11/20/10

Podcast – week of 11/20/10

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Only "snippets" this week – no "Hours"

Skip was all by his lonesome in studio (hey, it IS a busy time of the year) and has some remarks concerning what he analogized "The NH Political Triple Crown" on the Republican side during the Opening Segment.

Most of the show was spent talking with newly minted Republican NH House Reps – as opposed to what James Pindell thought, all these folks are there for a given reason AND for a given philosophy!

Mark Warden came on first to yak with Skip and talk about the size of government, what his priorities, and his philosophy; listen  to this. 

Fellow Grokster Steve pops on about his take on the NH House Speaker race here 

Andrew Manuse talks that in considering his daughter’s future and that Concord became "mini-me of DC" under the Democrats, he had to run and has to make a difference; listen up!  

Steve comes back on and we talk about the NHRVC – its mission and why it does the grunt work: Steve redeaux 

Seth Cohn is next up and talks about being a "citizen politician" and his underpinnings of "why not me?"   

Cam DeJong amplifies what the others have said and talks about his version of "The proper role of government" and the phrase of the day "We believe in people" – here 

Kyle Jones turns out to be the youngest of the New NH Republicans.  Basing his stances solidly on the Constitution, this home schooled young man will be fun to watch.  We yakked until the end of the show.