Clueless…Lou D’Allesandro



(Pic credit: Robin Ann Peters)                               Homer

Lou D’Allesandro on this morning’s WMUR’s "Close Up"


What do you think the voters were trying to say with that message they sent on Tuesday?"


I think people are mad and they really don’t know what they are mad about but they’re mad and as a result frustrated and their frustration came to light when they visited the polls.  Let’s get rid of those that made me mad and let’s hope that the new group can change things. And I believe that sentiment was pervasive throughout the country when you look at the races around the nation.  I think the one exception was the State of MA where they actually gained seats.

And I would add, CA and NY also followed the MA model.  Ask yourself – which states, in our Union, are most likely to go begging to the Feds and ask for financial bailouts because their Progressive policies have all but put them into Obama’s fabled Ditch.

The Eldest’s response, as he walked by and heard Senator Lou’s pithy observation, pretty much summed it up:

"…a herd of unruly Homer Simpsons that just took out all his support.  Coming out of the voting booth with broken pencils going "D’oh!"

"Gambling" Lou has it wrong; voters did hear the message – they’ve also seen the effects of those Progressive policies put forth by the Democrats here in NH and "around the nation"  these last few years – and their cost.  They have also seen Progressive politicians continue to believe that they…

…are effective pols ONLY by having government do more and more and more – with a summary of "No Limits" to what government should or should not do.  That they are effective pols when people demand that government do more and more – even if it is not the proper role or function of government to do so.

We voters sometimes forget – once a generation, it seems, the pendulum seems to swings to a hard left side of the aisle.  It happened during Jimmah – look what happened (unfortunately, we didn’t make out so well after LBJ had his term).

That said, the last few years, it certainly seems to me that the Democrats reminded the voters of the consequence of their actions.  And they have rejected that notion of that "Bigger and more costly Government" is bigger"; that’s why his Party went from 14 NH Senators to 5 (and even he is at risk – if Joe Kelly Lavasseur wins his recount, Lou loses his seat too). 

I guess that would also mean that the voters have rejected expanded gambling, Lou’s signature desire, here in NH.

Politics – what a crapshoot, it can turn out to be.