He's Baaa-aaacckk! Same truck - new sign! - Granite Grok

He’s Baaa-aaacckk! Same truck – new sign!

Heh!  Bob Nickerson got Carol Scold-Porter’s campaign staffers’ panties in knots back here.  Well, not to be shut down, he’s got a new sign:

We at GraniteGrok "intensely dislike"

Sidenote: after all, Harrell Kirstein would send out yet another silly "Political Correctness Alert!!!!" Press Release if I DARED to use the word "hate" – hey Harrell, is it OK to discriminate and hate pedophiles?  Jus’ checking – it would be ok in that case?)

Progressives like Carol Shea-Porter;we do like this message.  Remember it on Tuesday – and put in Frank Guinta!  He’s a guy that really does mean he’s for more individual freedom and less government intervention in our lives…