Have had little time for actual blogging lately.... - Granite Grok

Have had little time for actual blogging lately….

The live blogging / live streaming (and the travel to the sites) has taken up a whole lot of time lately – hard to put fingers to keyboard when eyeballs are on the camera, the sound VU LEDs, or the road.

So, in addition to Steve’s correct assesment of Carol Scold-Porter (yeah, a scold…nobody likes a scold, Carol, for that’s how you came across in the debate – only one half step above being a shrew)…

It seems that the DCCC thinks pretty much the same as well do – after I scanned the list of those that they are going to support with final media buys.  Her erstwhile running mate, the hard Left Progressive Ann McCuster, is about to have a cool half mil dropped on her.

Carol?  Well, go look for yourself.

"the clock strikes for thee!"