GrokTalk! - The walk back / mea culpa - Granite Grok

GrokTalk! – The walk back / mea culpa

Well, being "a step ahead" is what GraniteGrok has always tried to be about.  Be it going out and live covering events, then videoing the events and bringing (pretty much uncut) an entire event, and now trying to do GrokTalk! – we’ve always want to push the boundary of what we try to do and do it before other bloggers try something.

But what the heck was I thinking? Heck, no matter that it was only our second show, but trying to do a roadshow to boot?  And during a week where UStream had a massive failure AND our backup, LiveStream, also failed to work?? 

In the technology world, the old adage is that you know who those are at the bleeding edge of technology are – they’re the ones with the arrows in their backs.  Translation:  stuff doesn’t always work, especially when using them in new ways, and you can fail spectacularly when something that you are counting on poops out on you. 

And that’s what happened yesterday….please accept our apologies. mea culpea.  And our Thank You and apologies to our invited guests, Jim Forsythe and Andy Sanborn.

Well, we learned a few things (er, I learned a few things), and we’re going to try to mitigate them in future shows.

Again, apologies.