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A Place To Start–RINO’s For Lynch

RINO HuntingSkip made a good point (here).  That one of the reasons the baby killing, parent denying, taxing, spending, fund robbing, fibber John Lynch even has a shot at a "unprecedented fourth term" as governor, is because republicans vote for him.

He’s not a moderate.  He’s just a quiet liberal, you know the type. Well, no you don’t.  If you did, you would not vote for him.

While the pillory might be a bit excessive, knowledge is a powerful thing.  And so is history.  Back in 2008 Ed Naile was kind enough to publish the list for the ‘Republicans for John Lynch Steering committee.’

May we find them and steer them back to the right, or right out of the Republican party.

List on the jump. (Along with the town of residence at the time the list was compiled.)

Republicans for Lynch Steering Committee
Rep. Elizabeth Hager, Concord
Fraser Allquist, Concord
David Ashey, Lebanon
Ben Asselin, Bedford
Cheryl Asselin, Bedford
Roberta Barrett, Nashua
Melissa Barry, Hopkinton
Karl Bihl, Allenstown
Stephen Boucher, Amherst
Janice Boudreau, Tilton
Clarence Bourassa, Bow
Bruce Bowler, Amherst
Wayne Breden, Dover
John Bridle, Hampton
Kenneth Brown, Manchester
Creeley Buchanan, Amherst
Craig Bulkley, Derry
John Cassidy, Concord
Jonathan Chorlian, Dover
Joseph Christian, Manchester
Peter Clark, Rye Beach
John Clark, Plymouth
Michael Coons, Manchester
Timothy Coughlin, Portsmouth
Donald Crandlemire, Concord
Robert Daniels, Littleton
Duane Date, Portsmouth
Christopher Dellario, Nottingham
Michael Donahue, Bradford
Nancy Doss, Hopkinton
Michael Doss, Hopkinton
Michael Doucette, Littleton
Louis Downing, Plymouth
Rosalie Downing, Plymouth
William Dunlap, Amherst
Christie Efstathiou, Portsmouth
David Engel, Greenland
Doug Erb, Landaff
Debora Erb, Landaff
Deborah Estaver, Lee
Kristine Fach, Amherst
Rita Fardella, Sandown
Lloyd Farnham, Concord
Gordon Flint, Newport
Martin Flynn, Wolfeboro
Robert Fremeau, Hooksett
Jameson French, Portsmouth
Mark Furlone, Spofford
Debbie Furlone, Spofford
Janice Gardner, Dover
Russell Gerttula, Nashua
Matthew Gooby, Hampton
Steven Griffin, Berlin
Brenda Hall, Milton
Paul Hammond, Bow
Matthew Hanna, Derry
George Hill, Hillsborough
Jim Hinson, Sandown
Joanne Jackson, Contoocook
Marion James, Durham
Judith Jones, Amherst
Peter Kachavos, Windham
Frank Kenison, Concord
Robert Kiely, New London
Sandra Kocher, Concord
Corrine Lajoie, Contoocook
Laurie Lemay, Pembroke
Garrett Lovell, Concord
Richard Lowney, Amherst
Lynda Lowney, Amherst
Christopher Lyons, Alstead
John Macdonald, Amherst
Paul Maclean, Concord
Joseph Manning, Jaffrey
Linwood Marden, Chichester
Carleton Marshall, Manchester
James Marvin, Hillsborough
Janice Mathewson, Dover
Barbara Mcgranaghan, Rochester
Rich McNamara, Bedford
John Metzemaekers, Pelham
Cynthia Milnes, Amherst
Peter Milnes, Manchester
Irving Morrison, Bow
Maxine Morse, Rye
Beverly Naylor, Concord
Jim O’Brien, Contoocook
John O’Brien, Alstead
Wilbur Palmer, Derry
Beverly Peck, Hudson
Gov. Walter Peterson, Peterborough
Karen Philpot, Gilmanton
James Plante, Hinsdale
Janice Psilopoulos, Merrimack
Michael Quinlan, Bedford
Elissa Ranney, Sandown
Alan Reische, Manchester
Eugene Ross, Holderness
Mark Ryder, Boscawen
Albert Santerre, Salem
Lou Saviano, Sandown
Nathaniel Sawyer, New Hampton
Craig Schrek, N Hampton
Robert Scott, Meredith
Danielle Scott, Manchester
Rosheen Secor , Hopkinton
Helen Shea, Derry
Daniel Sklar, Bedford
Kenneth Smith, Amherst
Edna Snowman, Amherst
Henry Stebbins, Amherst
Sheila Steele, Amherst
William Steele, Amherst
Michael Steir, Atkinson
Philip Stone, Bedford
Wilson Sullivan, Amherst
Bruce Sullivan, Dalton
James Sweeney, Bennington
Alexander Taft, Peterborough
Betty Tamposi, Nashua
Kathleen Turnbull, Allenstown
Richard Upton, Amherst
Barbara Vallari, Contoocook
Ronald Vincent, Bow
G. Michael Vose, Hollis
George Waldron, Brentwood
Joan Walsh, Colebrook
Steve Walter, Londonderry
Lester Wheeler, Keene
Russ Wilder, Windham
Norman Willey, Groton
Shirley Willey, Groton
Edward Wills, Concord
Peter Winship, Contoocook
Bonnie Wrisely, Bradford
Kimon Zachos, Manchester
Charles Zoulias, Manchester

(H/T Ed Naile, NH Insider)