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Why It Doesn’t Pay To Defend A Democrat

Republican House Rep Steve Vallincourt came to Tim Horrigan’s defense over his Pailn comments.  (This from this mornings Union Leader.)

“Rep. Horrigan didn’t wish anyone dead; he simply stated a political truth,” Vaillaincourt wrote. “Were Sarah Palin to die today, her myth, like actor James Dean, would surpass anything she’s done in life. If Dem officials took Rep. Horrigan to the woodshed for these remarks, they rather than he should be resigning."

In response to Vallincourt’s comments Harrel Kristein, democrat party, issued a prompt press release

"Will NHGOP Practice What They Preach? GOP Representative praises comments about the death of Sarah Palin."

“If the New Hampshire Republican Party is really concerned with abhorrent political speech, they should immediately denounce Rep. Vaillancourt’s comments and ask him to resign.”

I guess that means you can’t talk about it, even to defend Horrigan?

So I am announcing that John DiStaso, Ben Smith at Politico, myself, NowHampshire, writers at every Newspaper and Blog in the state, every radio personality, and anyone in the nation who quoted or commented on the text or intentions of either Keith Halloran or Tim Horrigan, are resigning their NH House seats or suspending their NH campaigns.  Feel better? The fact that 99.99% of the people in that group are not running a campaign or holding a House seat is neither here nor there.

Of course "if she were to do die today" is a far cry from ‘wish she was on the plane’ or "a dead Palin wd be even more dangerous than a live one," but why haggle over meaning.  

I will agree that "abhorrent" is hardly the word I’d have used, unless it is to describe the general character of the denouncement crowd in the New Hampshire democrat party who–we must all agree–would have crapped all over themselves in joy if a Republican had said this about a democrat.  It would have been proof positive that the right is nothing more than the party of hate.  We’d be reading daily press releases until every republican in the state had denounced the speaker.

So right back at you democrats.  Sorry about the loss of Horrigan,  though I hardly think you’ve lost him just yet.  More on that later.  And just to keep you happy, we won’t be defending your loose lipped ships anymore.  Well, Vallincourt might, but that’s his mistake to make.