Speaking of our Rights, how about MORE talk on the real First Principle?

I am a member of a number of email group lists – primarily those I would consider to be of the "Liberty and Freedom" (insert "Individual" into that as well) that are often very lively and there are a lot of Really Smart People talking about a lot of stuff – and there are disagreements!

Someone really smart brought up the phrase "Christian Fundamentalists" in a very slightly negative (in my reading of it) fashion as being one end of the political spectrum – but the other end was bracketed by "The Marxists and collective Salvationists" at the other.  Thus, the implication was written (IMHO) that Christians are the same as Marxists, just the other side of the coin.  Well, even with all the stuff I wanted to accomplish today, I felt the following was needed to be written.

I will quickly, and only briefly (as I have a jam packed day today and do NOT have the time to attend to this subject properly) wade in here.

I think it totally appropriate to bring "the God thing" into the conversation, and my eyebrows crawled a couple inches up my forehead at the phrase "Christian Fundamentalists", as normally that is used as a pejorative when brought into the political arena.

Yet, I think MORE talk of THE First Principle must happen – the our Rights stem from God.  The secular Left (and many on the Right) wish to suppress that discussion. The Left does because then they have to acknowledge that they and Government are NOT the absolute entities they believe themselves to be or should be – and thus, free to make decisions for the rest of us "without a controlling legal authority" as Al Gore once put it.  And if they continue to sever that relationship, they will have more and more leverage to continue their Progressive march towards complete Socialism – a God-less based society and a replacement of an internal law based society with more and more of a external law based society.

Those on Right simply think it is a "yucky" topic and belongs solely…


…in the realm of "the redneck Republicans" who also cling to their guns.  Believe in it? Yeah, but only in private situations – and frown on us that believe it to be important not only in our personal lives but in our public ones as well.

And when either makes their pronouncement on such, it further alienates those of us of faith…after all "free expression of religion" and all that…

This is similar to traditional marriage controversy now raging. If it truly is the case, as gay Federal judge Walker has just decided in the California Proposition 8 case that  "Gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage.", then yet another foundational understanding of a traditional part of marriage disappears – another brick removed from a wall.  Now, what stops the morphing of marriage into anything somebody can pass a law for – like polygamy or polyandry.  The traditional brick that held this wall in place was a belief in God’s law – the wall is now teetering and swaying.


And our society was built upon the idea of a nuclear family: Father, Mother, children in a functioning unit.  Yet, pop culture (Dad’s a dolt, Parents are stupid, and Progressive laws and mores that send the message that "you should depend on Government and not on family", society is being lulled into a sense that Government is in control and will provide; God is not necessary (nor family).

By denigrating and deliberately disavowing the role of God in the role of Government, and its PROPER place, anything will be possible for the men driving Government, right?