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Homo Depot

Celebrating DiversityHomo is considered a derogatory term in the gay community (though I beleive Gay Anthropoligists get a pass) so I called up an old friend of mine and asked him for permission to use it.  He’s not an anthropologist if it matters.  He asked why and I told him.  I said, “Home depot promoted the gay lifestyle in a parade of some sort, but at about the same time wouldn’t let a guy who works in one of their stores wear a pin on his apron that said “One Nation under God.” (I’m paraphrasing)

“Frikkin Homos!” He said. (Not paraphrasing)

He is a Christian, and a Patriot, and he’s gay, and he supports the Tea Party, and the military (and he’s not a democrat) and is far more diverse and tolerant, and certainly more equal than those “homo’s” at Homo Depot.  He also asked that I not name him because, and I quote, "some homo might give me s*i* for it if they ever read it and he’s got more of that than he can handle at the moment." 

I guess election season has been rough on him.  I don’t know.  He didn’t want to explain it, and to be honest, I didn’t want to know.  Sort of our own little "don’t ask don’t tell policy."

So permission at hand I have embarked on this blog to point out that…Homo Depot is more than welcome to support whomever the hell they please in whatever peaceful and legal means they deem appropriate.  It’s their company and their money.  If they want to support the LGBT community they are more than welcome to do so.   Of course I should point out that it adds a whole new dimension to the slogan "You can do it.  We can Help."

And if someone in at least one store, or even the company as a matter of policy, has an issue with their American employee wearing a pin that quotes a part of the Pledge of Allegiance, well that’s up to them as well.

(It does make you wonder what would happen if he wore a pin with the term “Tea Bagger” on it?) 

Anyway, I’ve no problem with a business setting that standard as long as they have no problem with my thinking they are being a bit off balance.  I’m also assuming they are OK with my taking several thousand dollars a year worth of business to a competitor as my little way of pointing out their hypocrisy.

I’m sure the Homo’s don’t really care, and who knows, they may become the Provincetown of the home improvement world—and more power to them if they do.  (The kids condoms are probably in plumbing.)  But until I hear about some real tolerance—and perhaps a bit of respect for employees who are family members and friends of veterans that want to wear a pin or anything simple like that to show their respect for the men and women in the military who may or may not be gay, (and oh heck, while I’m at it, an off-hand generic reference to some non-denominational divine being), Homo Depot can pretend to be as diverse and as tolerant as they want but it just isn’t so.