Everyone, if you’re not a member of the main email list of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and you’re a libertarian, a conservative or a libertarian-conservative political activist, you may owe it to yourself to go over to the list and sign up. Right now there’s a helluva battle going on, and its implications ripple out far enough that I want a wider audience to understand. (Full Disclosure: Dan McGuire is a friend of mine, and one of the best libertarian-conservative political activists coming up through the ranks of the GOP in New Hampshire. I’m going to help him in any way possible to get elected to the state house this year.)

Dan McGuire


I would like to suggest that the RLCNH list be reserved for matters of NH politics.  Lately it has been spammed many times a day by Tim (and others) with irrelevant stuff.  Here’s a list:

  16039 Gun control that really works! Gun control that really works! Tim Condon Offlinesuggesto Jun 23, 2010
  16040 The Republican Party is about to GROW UP The Republican Party is about to GROW UP Tim Condon Offlinesuggesto Jun 23, 2010
  16046 It’s those bothersome Christians causing trouble again It’s those bothersome Christians causing trouble again Tim Condon Offlinesuggesto Jun 23, 2010
  16063 Fwd: Military 101 — A Liberal Guide to the Military Fwd: Military 101 — A Liberal Guide to the Military Tim Condon Offlinesuggest
Jun 29, 2010
  16081 The lawlessness of the socialists The lawlessness of the socialists Tim Condon Offlinesuggesto Jul 1, 2010
  16083 We Must All Vote Democratic this November…. We Must All Vote Democratic this November…. Tim Condon Offlinesuggesto Jul 1, 2010
  16084 They want THIS PERSON on the U.S. Supreme Court? They want THIS PERSON on the U.S. Supreme Court? Tim Condon Offlinesuggesto Jul 1, 2010
  16094 The Titanic, ramming speed, and what to do about America The Titanic, ramming speed, and what to do about America Tim Condon Offlinesuggesto Jul 2, 2010
  16097 Obama handles the oil spill… Obama handles the oil spill… Tim Condon Offlinesuggesto Jul 2, 2010
Fortunately, Tim didn’t post during PorcFest and we got a break.  I’m guilty of this kind of thing on occasion, but this level is just ridiculous.  

At first it hurt my feelings, but you get used to the heat when you spend a lot of time in the political kitchen. The fact is, Dan may be right! And his posting made me examine what I’m doing, and why and how I’m doing it. This is a copy of my explanation provided to the good people on the RLCNH list. (Skip made me post it here!):


Tim Condon


1:31 AM (35 minutes ago)
Listen everyone, for what it’s worth, I do want to make an observation here about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it: The issue that Dan has is very relevant, and his complaint legitimate if other people feel the same way. But let me explain….

As you all know, I spend a lot of time reviewing "what’s going on" in America and the world, including politically, culturally, economically, religiously, technologically…you name it. I often come across things that interest me, and that I think may well interest others. So in the past I’ve been pouring them onto the RLCNH list (and onto one of two personal political lists of allies that I have created; one includes people from around the country, the other is for political activists only within NH). As I’ve written in the past, I think this process is important, both within and outside the RLCNH list. Why? Because disseminating such information results in an "echo effect" similar to the Committees of Correspondence leading up to the Revolutionary War. Since the 1930’s—it is not too far-fetched to say—our country has been "ruled" by an information monopoly that has radically skewed the information the American people have been allowed to receive. We generally refer to that (dying) institution as "the Mainstream Media." It is dying because its information-monopoly has been broken, and the lies it has been purveying (mainly the "liberal-and-further-left point of view) are now seem to be the lies that they are. Everyone knows that they’re BS! How? By none other than the New Media, including most importantly the Internet, with its plethora of blogs, email lists, generalized web sites, news sites, information aggregators, etc.
Some History (with apologies)
The first big victory of the newly-created, modern American "information monopoly" was the initial and repeated elections of the wannabe-dictator, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, starting in 1932. He and the people around him, with the help of Pres. Herbert Hoover before them, took a sharp economic correction, deepened it, and prolonged it into a ten-year Great Depression. If the American people had been privy to the information that the Internet provides us all today, Roosevelt would have been thrown out in 1936 (Republican Pres. Herbert Hoover prepared the ground for Roosevelt; Hoover was the Pres. George W. Bush of that time, following the excellent Pres. Calvin Coolidge, for whom he was Vice President. In a sense, Ronald Reagan was the modern version of Cal Coolidge, while both Pres. Bush I and Bush II played the updated parts of Pres. Hoover for the two Democrat Presidents who followed them).
The election of Bill Clinton in 1992, and then the takeover of Congress by the Republicans in 1994, was an attempt by the American people to correct the damage wrought by Bush I, and then Clinton; the election of Obama in 2008, like the election of Clinton in 1992, was an attempt to get away from the damage wrought by Bush II (just like the election of Roosevelt was an attempt to correct the damage done by Hoover from 1928 to 1932. Roosevelt, believe it or not, ran as a "free enterprise" guy, pledging to use good free market economics to fix the depression the country was then in…just as Obama ran in 2008 as a "moderate" pledging to fix the problems that Bush II had helped create and exacerbate.)
BUT THERE’S NOW A BIG DIFFERENCE: Since the dying and increasingly irrelevant Mainstream Media has lost its control over the information-gateway to the American people, a HUGE amount of truthful, reality-based information is being constantly disseminated throughout our country by virtue of…again, blogs, web sites, email lists, talk ratio, etc., all modern equivalents of the Revolutionary Committees of Correspondence. This "new reality" is, in the end, why I post so many varying types of information from all over the Web and the world. I want to both create and harness the "echo-chamber effect" of  so many people disseminating so many points of view alternative to—and contrary to—the lies of the remaining "Mainstream Media complex" (i.e. all the national networks, all of the cable news networks except for Fox; most of the newspapers in the U.S., including the New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post; almost all of the weekly newsmagazines, including Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, etc.) That’s why, when Dan says "I’ll grant you that the federal government is flushing the country down the toilet.  How many more examples of it do we really need here?" I have to say "as many as necessary to make sure that the information is disseminating throughout our entire society, polity, culture, media…EVERYWHERE, until it’s clearly a part of our collective American consciousness! Because repeating to create the "alternative echo chamber of truth&quot
; is what it takes, IMO, and to do so is extremely beneficial to all of us.
In short, this is what we have, people! Let’s use it! Yes, many of us repeatedly get the same information. That’s great! It means the info we’ve seen and disseminated before has "gone viral" and reached a "saturation point" among the American people. We want that to happen! One of the ways to make it happen is to get the information out to as many places as possible, to be disseminated as widely as possible. One of those pipelines is the RLCNH list. My hope is that people on the list and elsewhere pick up on some of the information, and pass it on, "echoing" it incessantly, until each piece of truthful information has reached saturation.
A few more words here, and I’ll shut up: Roosevelt was the first (and hopefully the last) President to break the sacred tradition established by Pres. Washington, to quit after two terms. This was in part because Roosevelt was a megalomaniac (to state the obvious), and would have loved to have become the official fascist (socialist) dictator of America. He was able to pull off his unprecedented violations of American political decency…ready?…the newly-created Mainstream Media complex protected him and incessantly chanted their "echo chamber" effect that "Roosevelt is saving America from the Great Depression! He’s saving America from the defects of capitalism!" It all was a lie, of course. A monstrous lie. But who was to challenge the new information monopoly? By the 1950’s the conservative movement that actually believed in the U.S. Constitution and capitalism was reduced to forming and putting out a pitiful little magazine (at the time) called National Review. That was about the best we had. Later, in the 1960’s, the Wall Street Journal editorial page began coming into its own. ONLY when Rush Limbaugh single-handedly created Talk Radio in the 1980’s was the MSM information-monopoly seriously challenged. Then came the Internet, and the rest is becoming history. Happily so!
Where Roosevelt was a four-term President, Obama will have a single term only. If there were no talk radio, no Internet, no blogs, no email list, no Fox News…Obama himself would be a multi-term President (Constitutional Amendments can be by-passed, as we know, or repealed). 
All of the above is why the upcoming elections—in NH and throughout America—are so exciting and crucially important. The Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives (in both NH and nationally). Enough of them will be conservatives and libertarian-conservatives that they will be able to stymie any more damage Obama and the socialists around him seek to impose on America (ditto for the remaining socialist Democrats in NH). This is a repeat of what the Republicans did who took control of the U.S. House in 1994 (thus, ironically, getting Clinton easily elected to a second term; even more ironically, those "conservative Republicans" were themselves corrupted and absorbed into the ugly political culture of Washington, DC). BUT, unlike both Clinton and Roosevelt, Obama will be defeated after his first term and relegated to being one of the worst, if not the worse, Presidents in U.S. history. This is why I’m so very, very excited to see grass-roots leadership springing up all over the country to challenge the current corrupt Republican Party leadership in both Washington, DC and elsewhere. Who will we have to pick from for President in 2012? Bob Dole? Dan Quayle? Mitt Romney? John McCain again? Not hardly! Consider: Sharron Angle in NV. Nikki Haley in SC. Sarah Palin (yes, Sarah Palin; I haven’t given up on her yet) in AK. Michelle Bachmann in MN (so many wimmin!). Ken Buck in CO. Marlin Stutzman in IN. Marco Rubio in FL. Jim DeMint in SC. Tom Coburn in OK. Mike Lee in UT. Jim Forsythe in NH. Andy Sanborn in NH. Warren Groen in NH. Bob Giuda in NH. Jack Kimball or John Stephen in NH. And a host of up-and-coming future  conservative and libertarian-conservative leaders coming upon the stage in the NH State House, including…yes…Dan McGuire, amongst many others!
I guess this qualifies as a rant. Sorry. Just trying to explain!  —Tim