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What To Think Not How To Think

One of my prevailing issues with public education is its evolution away from critical thinking.  Agenda driving curricula and the pervasive left wing university bias that churns out public school teachers has created generations of educators who are just as biased (if not more so) than their counter-parts from the media and journalism schools.

Case in point: Global Warming.

Attached is a video of a student who had to view Al Gore’s Excellent Adventure (An Inconvenient Truth) and then was required to present information as if the entire ‘documentary’ was an indisputable fact.  She did not object except that in her mind an equal amount of time should have been provided for an opposing view.  Oh, and did I mention that this was in an English class?

This certainly begs the question of how or why something that is supposed to be "science" became part of the English curriculum, but don’t act surprised–it’s happening right here in Merrimack New Hampshire.  There is at least one Middle School English (pardon me, Language Arts) teacher that has, as recently as last year, presented global warming topics in her class.  Global warming was presented as the default reality, and deniers were the object of ridicule.  Students who disagreed felt pressure to remain silent.

This is nothing more than education by intimidation–it is indoctrination.

You’ll be happy to know that no such circumstances appear to have occurred this year in our Middle School, but the subject does come up, and the theme continues to be how do we deal with it, not "could it be something other than CO2 or man-made."

This is just another very good reason to break the union log-jam in education and introduce education dollar competition.  Until then there is little or no incentive to take this business seriously–the education monopoly will continue to tolerate the "what to think not how to think" mentality, and generations of children will enter into the world lacking the intellectual agility to do anything other than face towards DC, bow like ‘fearless leader,’ and wait by the mail box for one of several entitlement checks.


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