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Soft Underbelly


NH House Rep Kris E Roberts, in a comment made over on the Marchand Group web site (a democrat campaign and advocacy consulting group) we see evidence of what I’ve suggested all along; that a vote for any democrat is a vote for the leadership’s agenda and little else.  Kris is commenting at the end of  an article regarding the statistical problems for democrats keeping House seats in districts that tend to vote Republican in a year when the left is on the ropes.  The article itself is worth reading but the comment is priceless.

There is more to this than many want to say, the party leadership both at the state level and the House level have created a very negative mood with many current House Members.  Many members feel as if they don’t matter, that leadership has done nothing to help them develop into better Rep.   Leadership rarely asked for their imput (sic), or opinions.  It has been like a high school click, where only the special people matter.

The result; there are many people not running because they have serious problems with the people in leadership positions.
In Keene a rock solid safe D area, it is possible that we will have unfill (sic) slots.

That was brave of him. 

For the record, Kris E. Roberts is a democrat from Keene (Ches. 03) and has been in the House since 2004.  The NHHRA rated him at 23% and 24% in the 2005-2006 sessions, 14% in 2007, 17% in 2008, 41% in 2009 and 32% in 2010.  41% put him at the bottom of the RINO territory and ahead of a few ‘so-called’ republicans. 

So the honeymoon was over when he started drifting from the party line.  I think we can assume how that went over.  (I also here he challanged Norelli for Speaker after 2008 so some animosity may not be unwaranted). Whatever the situation, he’s clearly not happy with how things get run on the left side of the aisle and he claims he’s not alone.

So let’s do a quick review of Mr. Roberts “issues” with his caucus leadership.

-State level and house democrat leadership created a very negative mood 

-Many (democrat) members feel as if they don’t matter

-Leadership has done nothing to help them into a better rep 

-Leadership rarely asks their input

-It’s like a high school click

-Many are not running because they have serious problems with the people in leadership 

-In Keene…it is possible that we will have unfilled slots?

So the BORG queen runs a mean ship and the rabble are restless which is more or less how we pictured it.  You are there to vote their agenda, and at least a few of them have had enough of it.

[edited to correct for Mr. Roberts terms of service and its affect on the analysis.  The original (errors in tact) is posted at NH Insider]