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Shaheen Lends A Hand

Senator Shaheen has not yet announced her plan to return $663,000.00 dollars in campaign contributions from the financial/Insurance industry, or more specifically, $22,250.00 from Fidelity Investments or $17,500.00 from Citicorp, or money from any other big bank or wall street connected firm she is trying to regulate, she is however happy to milk the other teats on that cow for political points. 

This month’s edition of the Shaheen Times, a Reader’s Digest condensed email version of a “hey Mom look what I just did” communiqué (Called the Shaheen Report) alerts us to Jeanne’s continuing commitment to taking down the big guy, while protecting the little guy—in the banking industry.  She’s working hard on her campaign war chest (currently at eight million) to make sure everything is fair and equal, except where it’s not to her political advantage.  Jeanne boasts about her commitment to insurance/financial reform (they are inseparable in my opinion) while having already secured $700,000.00 from the industry for her next Senate bid in four years from now.

You know, I’m reminded of how Jeanne took down the big Health insurance companies in New Hampshire when she was a State Senator.  Oh, wait.  That actually killed off or scared off all the little guys and left us with a powerful entrenched and influential few, higher rates, and fewer choices–which is exactly what the big Insurance companies wanted.  So history repeated itself with Health Insurance "reform," and now she’s moved on to big banks? 

Lucky them.

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