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Gay Lobby Money From Out Of State?

Jon Stryker, (here and here for starters) is a Michigan billionaire who has been credited with helping the liberals (they call them democrats over there too) take over the Michigan House.  That’s right Michigan.  Can’t find no job, taxes through the roof, people can’t move out of the state fast enough Michigan. The train wreck of the rust belt.  He helped destroy Michigan.  He’s also a huge supporter of the Gay Lobby agenda, and he writes checks to Ray Buckley and the New Hampshire Democrat Party to advance that agenda.  That’s an agenda that might include same sex marriage.

And as recenly as March 26th Jon Stryker made a donation to the NHDP for $5,000.00.

But wouldn’t that be money from out of state?  I think it is.  I was in Detroit today, and it is definitely out of state.  I thought it was wrong to take money form out of state for the purpose of defining marriage?

Yes, no, maybe?  Is the money issue-trans gendered?

I guess you can just put that out of state money with the Tim Gill Money.  Just mix it all together.  No one needs to know by us.

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