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Does Lynch Have A Primary Fight In 2010?

Rumor has it that John Lynch could have a primary challenger named Tim Robertson (D-Keene). Robertson has been kicking around the NH House for years warming a seat over at the Criminal Justice and Public Safety commission where his primary contribution has been making friends in the party and sponsoring bills that are inexpedient to legislate. 

Robertson’s reported reason for running against the guy even the NHDP insists is still very popular with Granite Staters? “because I think Democrats ought to have a candidate. [Lynch] is not a Democrat." 

That says plenty about where real-live democrat Tim Robertson is coming from.  If Lynch is not "Democrat enough" Tim has to be to the left of a guy (Lynch) who signed off on over 80 taxes and fees, voted for same sex marriage after saying he wouldn’t, supported abortions for minors without parental consent after he implied he was against it, and refuses to stop his own party from passing off impossible revenue projections to justify excessive and irresponsible spending for which we are constantly "revisiting the budget" during a recession.  That’s "democrat enough" to me.  So what might Tim Robertson have in store for us if he actually beat Lynch in the primary?

I shudder to think.  Actually just look up his ratings if you don’t believe me. Yikes!

But not to worry.  My gut feeling is that Robertson is only running to make Lynch look more moderate in what could be the first serious challenge to the office by a Republican in years.  If Lynch can be portrayed as middle of the road—as Tim says, "not a democrat"–the NHDP has a better shot at selling liar Lynch as the safe bet for everyone else.  Look voters, Vanilla!  Besides, if Timmy wins the primary the Republicans are guaranteed the Governorship and Ray Buckley runs far too tight a ship to let that happen if he can stop it.

Now some of you will suggest that it’s a big waste of money to push another democrat into a primary with Lynch but money is not a problem for the NHDP, they have plenty of outside money.  But the letter (D) is not the brand name it once was.  Obama is a campaign killer, and Hodes and Shea-Porter are in trouble.  They have no one left on the top of the ticket to prop up the local elections they are already going to have to fight hard to win, except Lynch.  So spending a few extra dollars to put a fresh coat of ecru or beige or Navajo White on John Lynch is money well spent. 

With independents, moderates, and even RINOs tired of all the spending and taxes, and with democrat majorities at risk in both chambers losing the governors office could undo all the evil they have worked so hard to create these past few years.

So Robertson is a useful idiot.  He plays along, gets some campaign money, helps Lynch sell himself as middle of the road and a bulwark against a broad based tax, and the liberals can keep their puppet king–the other useful idiot Governor Lynch to slow or stop any Republican gains from undoing any of their progressive destruction of the New Hampshire advantage.

Of course there is one other possibility.  Maybe Ray Buckley has lost control of the party.

I’ll get some popcorn.  Let’s sit back and watch the fun.

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