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Three Steps To Freedom

Now that the democrat congressional majority has finally found a way to convince members of their own party to vote for the Leaderships agenda, you may be wondering what to do next.  Fair question. It seems obvious that the federal system could take years to repeal this nightmare, and there is no guarantee they ever will cut it all out.  But we still live in a Federal Republic, so you do not have to wait years and years.  You do not have to get mad.  You do not have to lose sleep.  You can begin to free yourself of all of it as early as this November if you follow this very simple three step process


1)  Continue to do what you have been doing at the federal level; Write, call, email, fax, and be an active and informed participant in the process.

2)  Get active locally, support Republican and pro-liberty candidates, and campaign on the defense of New Hampshire from the overreach of the liberal agenda through the tenth amendment.

3)  This November vote to remove your left wing state legislative majority and their useless democrat governor. (removing the congressional democrats is a given)


With a state government in place that will actually defend you from the federal government, we can begin to do what some 38 other states are already trying to do; defend states rights.  This is the only way to protect New Hampshire from this destructive reform bill.  It is the only way to protect New Hampshire from impending and overreaching education reform, immigration reform, energy policy, and whatever else the newly suicidal liberals in congress will feel compelled to pass now that their political careers are over. It is also the best way to free ourselves from any other destructive policy already in place.

We are a free state.  We have the power and the right to live free or die.  But as long as Lynch and the hypocrats are running the state government, we are nothing more than pawns to the whim and will of the central planners in Washington DC. 

Reaffirming States rights is the only way to neuter the federal government.  A majority of states are already on that path.  We should be too.

Take your state back from the liberals in Concord so we can defend it from the socialist nanny-staters in DC.

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