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The Latest Spin On Al Gore Warming (AGW)

The narrative on Global Warming, Climate Crisis, Climate Change, et al has evolved yet again.  It is now (drum roll please) about pollution.  That’s right ladies and gentleman; we are no longer concerned with just CO2.  We are concerned with all the things at or near CO2 that can or should be called pollution.  Obama B-Reels come to mind.

To get a better grasp on the pollution-pivot let us hearken back a few decades–back when we were supposed to die of starvation while freezing to death (but were still aerosol abusing apes not yet aware of the hole we were burning in the Ozone)–to a simpler time.  Remember the commercial with the American Indian on the side of the road?  (It alternated with the one about not touching blasting caps, or maybe it was that American Heart association Ad about not smoking—‘Like Father like son–think about it’)  Oh yeah, the Indian.  Some car drives down a stretch of highway and casually tosses some trash out the window.   This is serious kitchen trash in a paper bag, the kind everyone in the seventies used to tote around for miles and miles on a hot summer day in a dark colored sedan.  So this garbage lands on the side of the road at the feet of the American Indian—who just happens to be walking up to a modern interstate in full native gear.  Cut to the American Indian’s face, a tear leaking from one tired looking eye draws a moist trail across his weathered cheek.

Well replace the Indian with Al Gore’s corpulent frame in Birkenstocks, a pair of Bermuda shorts and a pinkie ring and presto, except Al is smiling, has his pockets stuffed with cash, a fist full of freshly minted carbon credits held forth for the heathen ozone hole destroying, incandescent light bulb using masses.  And yes, he is wearing white tube socks with sandals.  Ta-da!  AGW is reborn as an Anthropogenic-Global-Climate-Warming–Pollution-Crisis.  Limited time offer, call before they change the name back to AGW—Al’s Grifted Winnings of just Al Gore Warming is fine.

I’m not kidding.  The left wingers are already out hawking their new “wares.”  It’s all about pollution.  At least that’s probably what it said in the email they got from OFA a few weeks back.

Pollution?  OK.   When can I get rid of the environmental hazard, mercury filled, brain-destroying, poison curly cue light bulbs the government mandated?  And I get where Mad as a Hatter comes from, but Mad as an Electrician?  Mad as the lighting guy at Lowes?  Mad as the disgruntled hardware department guy at Wal-Mart with bed-head and ill-fitting trousers?  It’s got no panache, you know.  And mad as a suburban housewife isn’t actually unsurprising.  But those bulbs well, they kind of suck.

And does this mean that America can start drilling for oil again, and open some new refineries?  ANWR and OCS, they are calling our name.  And given how much cleaner our process is we could cut the “pollution” we’re suddenly all concerned about five or six-fold in less than a few years, if we just dug up our own oil and made our own gas instead of waiting for Cuba, China, and the rest of OPEC to find it and sell it back to us.

No.  See they don’t like logic, it pisses them off.  But then these weirdo’s will drive the Smart Car so the idea of flying across the Atlantic on battery power from 500 trillion dollars worth of taxpayer-subsidized windmills might just work for them.

Of course, it’s not really about pollution is it?  It’s about power–no not electricity, power. Political power.  Nanny state power.  So I think it’s time we address the very nature of the evolving narrative on the scam that is global warming; that the changing narrative is in and of itself a ‘sign’ that this is all a load of crap.  You see these warming-denier-deniers, these lazy-Susan, term-de jour enviro-Mental warriors, are like cheating husbands, or maybe four-year-olds.  Or maybe more like the four-year-olds of cheating husbands.  They change their story repeatedly in hopes of finding something—anything to get you (or maybe them) to ignore the obvious truth; that they have nothing to support their claim but their desire to convince you to support it; and after that their lives have no meaning.  Please.  I don’t believe in God.  I’m a cold empty shell—warm me with thermal heat from the earth mother.  Besides, we’ve got so much of your money invested in this already we can’t turn back now. 

Ummm, yes actually we can, and we will.  So take your revolving narrative and stuff it up your Prius while I go buy some incandescent light bulbs.  And when Al Gore is in chains serving 30 years to life for perpetrating the single biggest racketeering scam in history, then I’ll invite you over for bacon-cheeseburgers cooked on my gas grill.


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