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Who Do You Trust?

CACR 26 would have allowed you to vote on whether to amend the NH Constitution.  The change would have prohibited the legislature from passing laws to creat broadbased sales or income taxes, or taxes on capital gains.
The bill came out of committee as inexpedient to legislate, and the House voted to ITL it by a vote of 221 to 136.  Among those votes against the ITL were two democrats.  Among the votes for killing CACR 26 were some 30 odd republicans.
And here they are…
House Rep Party County District Vote
Bergin, Peter  Republican Hillsborough 6 Yea
Bolster, Peter  Republican Belknap 5 Yea
Bulis, Lyle  Republican Grafton 1 Yea
Case, Frank  Republican Rockingham 1 Yea
DiFruscia, Anthony  Republican Rockingham 4 Yea
Dokmo, Cynthia  Republican Hillsborough 6 Yea
Dowling, Patricia  Republican Rockingham 5 Yea
Emerton, Larry  Republican Hillsborough 7 Yea
Gargasz, Carolyn  Republican Hillsborough 5 Yea
Gleason, John  Republican Rockingham 5 Yea
Gould, Kenneth  Republican Rockingham 5 Yea
Graham, John  Republican Hillsborough 18 Yea
Holden, Rip  Republican Hillsborough 7 Yea
Ingram, Russell  Republican Rockingham 4 Yea
Kidder, David  Republican Merrimack 1 Yea
Ladd, Rick  Republican Grafton 5 Yea
Lockwood, Priscilla  Republican Merrimack 6 Yea
McKinney, Betsy  Republican Rockingham 3 Yea
Messier, Irene  Republican Hillsborough 17 Yea
Millham, Alida  Republican Belknap 5 Yea
Ober, Lynne  Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Ober, Russell  Republican Hillsborough 27 Yea
Peterson, Andrew  Republican Hillsborough 3 Yea
Remick, William  Republican Coos 2 Yea
Ryder, Donald  Republican Hillsborough 5 Yea
Scamman, W. Douglas  Republican Rockingham 13 Yea
Sterling, Franklin  Republican Cheshire 7 Yea
Vaillancourt, Steve  Republican Hillsborough 15 Yea
Wells, Roger  Republican Rockingham 8 Yea
Williams, Burton  Republican Grafton 8 Yea
What you do with the list is up to you.  Thirty Republican votes were not enough to save the resolution.  But they certainly tell you a thing or two about who they trust more with your money.