Evil in New Hampshire. TV shows about serial killer? No problem. Song derived from Christian roots in Gov't Schools? BIG problem. - Granite Grok

Evil in New Hampshire. TV shows about serial killer? No problem. Song derived from Christian roots in Gov’t Schools? BIG problem.


More and more news is coming out regarding the monsters disguised as human beings responsible for the hideous murder and attempted murder of a mother and daughter in Mont Vernon, NH.  The Nashua Telegraph reports that one of the suspects,

“Christopher Gribble updated his Facebook status: ‘had an awesome time with steve and autumn! dexter is such a funny show!’ That update was made at 10:58 a.m. Sunday. Earlier that morning, around 4 a.m., police say Gribble and three other teens entered the home of Kimberly Cates killing her and injuring her daughter, the primary weapons being a machete and a knife. Gribble, of Brookline, has been charged with first-degree murder, accused of stabbing her repeatedly.”

The piece then tells us

“Dexter is a popular TV show about a serial killer who murders those who he feels deserve to die or who have slipped through the justice system.”

Reading this news while surfing the Internet, I also stumbled upon the story of the banning of a Christian song at a public school. OneNewsNow.com had the details back in September, surrounding events occurring in 2006:

“The Everett School District in Washington State would not allow students in an instrumental ensemble to play ‘Ave Maria’ at their high school graduation.”

It continued, quoting The Rutherford Institute founder John Whitehead, representing one of the students in a suit filed in the matter:

"The ‘Ave Maria’ that they chose is not the one we all know. It’s the one by France Babel, which is unrecognizable. There were no lyrics and no words,’ he recounts. ‘When school officials found out that the wind ensemble, which is a group of students, had chosen ‘Ave Maria,’ they thought it was too religious and they banned it and said that they couldn’t play it at the graduation ceremony.’”

In an op-ed piece published this week lamenting the fact that the Courts sided with the song-banners, Whitehead writes,

“In an attempt to avoid offending anyone, America’s public schools have increasingly adopted a zero tolerance attitude towards religious expression. The courts have not helped, allowing schools the discretion to let an offended minority control a cowed majority. Such politically correct thinking has resulted in a host of inane actions, from the Easter Bunny being renamed ‘Peter Rabbit’ to Christmas Concerts being dubbed ‘Winter’ Concerts and some schools even outlaw the colors red and green, saying they’re Christmas colors. And now, simply because someone is offended by the title, students cannot play music which has no words and is performed with no religious intent.”

So why do I bring this up with the story of the Mont Vernon murder? Simple. I was struck by the fact that these murderous punks are being exposed to television shows like Dexter (of which I had not heard prior to now) glorifying serial killing, of all things, while at the same time, America’s courts are keeping the publicly-funded government schools—and most other areas of “the public square”– free from the “threat” of the Christian religion. Might it just be possible that, perhaps if the alleged killer Gribble and his comrades had received some little bit of religion that teaches the value of fellow human beings and the sanctity of each and every life, maybe—just maybe—they might have thought twice before committing this grisly and heinous act?