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Pushing the Gay Agenda in NH: Blackmail, Big Bucks

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Last week, in an exclusive story, Now!Hampshire.com revealed, to little surprise, that the out of state gay rights activist network applied the final pressure pushing the same-sex marriage vote over the top in the NH Senate.

Ray Buckley told Democratic state Senators during closed-door negotiations that the Democratic National Committee might revoke New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation primary status if they failed to legalize gay marriage, NowHampshire.com has learned.

The vote was 13-11 in favor of legalizing gay marriage. All but one Democratic Senator voted in favor.

According to Democratic State House sources, Buckley told undecided Democrats they had to support the gay marriage bill despite a legislative committee’s recommendation that they kill it because otherwise the DNC’s Rules Committee would punish the Granite State by revoking New Hampshire’s key primary slot.

The Rules Committee makes primary calendar recommendations to the entire DNC, which then votes to accept or reject the recommendations.

When some Senators objected that voting in favor of the legislation might jeopardize their reelection campaigns Buckley retorted that he would be able to deliver plenty of money to help them defend their seats.

Our sources tell NowHampshire.com that the Senators in attendance took Buckley’s remarks to mean he would be able to deliver out-of-state money from gay rights groups.

Buckley’s successful arm-twisting in the days and hours leading up to the final vote on Wednesday drew praise from the Human Rights Campaign, a prominent gay rights organization.

And now we have more evidence that the outside money is already here. HumanEvents.com posted a story Friday that discussed the ongoing battle over gay marriage in NH and provided more proof of what we have known for some time: that the money fueling the Democratic Party here in the Granite State is coming– at least in part– from wealthy out of state donors looking to advance the gay agenda. Writes the author A.W.R. Hawkins,

How are Democrats able to push their hyperliberal agenda in what otherwise appear to be conservative states such as Colorado and Iowa?  Who is behind the sudden rush of laws allowing same sex marriage?

According to Focus on the Family (FOTF), the answer is Tim Gill, a gay multi-millionaire in Denver who has dedicated his time and fortune to filling state legislature after state legislature with Democrats who support same sex marriage. His latest target is New Hampshire

Admitted by none other than Party Chair Buckley himself:



That Gill is involved in New Hampshire’s push for same sex marriage is undeniable. In an email that has become public, the state’s Democrat Chairman, Ray Buckley, listed donors that included the Gill Action Fund.

Call Governor Lynch at 271-2121 or email him HERE and tell him NOT to give in to blackmail and NOT to allow out of state people with big bucks to tell us marriage is something other than between a man and a woman. We’ve already got civil unions that provides these people what they need. Enough!