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Race debate in Central NH. “Negro 101” Part 2. Striking back…

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Following up on this previous posting, in which the local Democrats here in Central NH have decided to take a local letter-writer "to task" for daring to be critical of the latest version of Barack Obama and, more importantly to local and state level Dems, daring to use the word "negro". As I noted in the first post, the local Dem chair put out the call, and several people dutifully responded, and the local papers have carried letters in which the original letter-writer, Mr. Jack Stephenson– who voted for Obama in the NH primary, by the way– has been trashed and berated for having the audacity to speak his mind in a way that the thought-police have deemed politically incorrect. Recall the Polidoro letter in the first post where he writes,

Stephenson shows his implied bigotry and ignorance

This is pretty much the tack taken by the Dems as they continue to beat this drum. Thankfully, there are other locals (myself included) that know Mr. Stephenson and can attest he is neither a bigot nor is he ignorant. Several people, knowing he was getting a bum rap, stepped up and defended him with letters of their own, and Stephenson wrote another letter rather ably defending himself as well. In the end, we all know this was nothing more than a tempest in a teapot, with the local Dems hoping to gin up emotion as they seek to promote their candidate, whose lack of experience and new ideas dictates voters must be distracted from that fact if he is to have a chance at victory in November…

To the Editor,

Once again Jack Polidoro proves that a good education can give a person intelligence but does very little to reduce ignorance. His supportive opinions of Obama are properly placed in an “opinion” column even though Obama’s recent appearance at California’s Saddleback Church proves that the man is an empty suit and without a scripted speech he can’t answer “real” questions on “real issues. Mr. Polidoro’s ignorance comes to light when he provides an irrelevant history on the term “Negro”.  This, of course, is from the Obama supporters’ play book on racial accusations against anyone who points out Obama’s ineptness.

For the most part, only the hypersensitive “PC” American culture has shunned the word Negro. When you travel to most any other part of the planet, people of color aren’t offended when referred to as a Negro, which of course is the Spanish word for “black”. Obviously, everyone is aware that the really bad “N” word is unacceptable in any culture. The term “African American” is completely inaccurate because not all people of color are from Africa. In fact, most of the people of color that I’ve met are actually from America and proud of it.

During my travels through Europe, Mexico, South America and Asia I wanted to be very careful to learn such nuances while conducting business and socializing with the various cultures. I actually found most Europeans to be more “crass” when discussing other ethnic groups, including Caucasians living elsewhere in the world. I was mostly referred to as the American, White guy or in Latin America, the “Gringo”. 

In general, most of the people I meet throughout my travels posses a great sense of humor – which is something that Mr. Polidoro’s high intellect has difficulty understanding.

I’m positive that Mr. Polidoro will respond with another irrelevant “put us to sleep” tome on Black history but as usual it won’t square with the reality of every day life, no matter how many times he says it. Much like his “opinions” of Obama!

Terry Stewart
Gilford, NH

Next came one from our very own Skip, also taking the Dems to task. Keep in mind through all of this that there are two "Jacks" involved here– one, Mr. Jack Stephenson, the original letter writer, and Jack Politboro Polidoro, the consummate liberal blowhard that fancies himself an intellectual. Here, Skip starts out addressing Jack STEPHENSON, who he defends quite nicely as well:

Great Scott, Jack, what the heck were you a’thinkin? You’ve gone and riled up them there Political Correctness Po-lice led by all those high falutin’ Democrat fellers like NH State Democrat Chair, Mr. Buckley and Democrat Laconia Town Chair, Mr. Tunning and that other-whats-his-name-the-Ph.D-guy! All because you hadta go an say an old word that they think is “oh, so insensitive” an don’ like (Jack, have you told that there Ph.Der that you really are a rocket scientist? After all, we’re both so anti-edumacation?). Hey, lookie – they’re all Democrats – that tell yer sometin? You old codger – you go guy! You’ve got all their knickers in a knot!

Notice one other important fact – they attacked the ONLY item on which they believe that they could win – the use of an “old” word. Not a word from them on what really counts – like Obama’s stances or votes that offered no protection for babies of botched abortions, no increases in energy supplies to lower our costs, raising taxes on all of us ($42K/yr is rich?), and the rest (all pretty much being hope-lessly indefensible). I must admit, I did like the cue card one!

All that angst because of a word they want off limits just because they say so (First Amendment, anyone?). Instead of debating the real issues, they’re doing the old “discredit stomp”. They want to silence you by embarrassment and discredit you from their “higher moral ground”.

If you using the word “negro” (heavens to Mergatroid, you didn’t even capitalize it!) is bad, what about others that come and go? Which brings us to another problem as the Identity Politics loving types do from time to time – they want to be called something else later. Will I get in dutch for expanding the acronym NAACP – the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – because they deem “Colored” to be a bad word (Ha! is “dutch” a prohibited word too?)? Or “black”? Can I use “bro’” or “sistah” even if I’m white? I’m not even sure that African-American is the latest monniker to use anymore either – how DOES a middle aged white Protestant guy like me keep up? Face it Jack, we’re all always in trouble – just because they say we are.

Sadly, I used to think that we were all Americans; now to Liberals, you are only what your group is. Political Correctness bred Identity Politics which does nothing but separate Americans into groups with lots of hypens (Swedish-American, anyone?) instead bringing us together. Frankly, I call that racism by PCism.

Face it, Jack, you ARE old (rejoice, the rest of us are catching up quick!). They fail to realize that sometimes as you get old, your words are like your clothes; you no longer care about staying in style, you just keep wearing what you have. Regardless of intent, those PC types just see offensive in every nook and cranny. They ought to accept that sometimes, it’s merely a bad choice of words and get ovre themselves.

Political Correctness is useful for only one thing – stopping debate by limiting what they allow to be “reasonable” speech; all other areas are deemed “unspeakable”. This serves only one purpose – to control an argument on terms by which they will win and the rest of us lose. Time to fight back against this stupidity; the answer to offensive speech is more speech, not less speech.

Take heart, Jack – Political Correctness is the last vestige of the insufferable who cannot win on merit. Most of us who are sick of Political Correctness are on your side.

Skip Murphy

And then Mr. Stephenson himself, never at a loss for words, and not one that’s easily intimidated, stepped up and offered another letter– again printed in the local papers– in his own defense:

Reply to Raymond Buckley, Ron Tunning,  Jack Polidoro, re use of the well known, dictionary supported word Negro.   Below Is a current, website definition.  It is NEVER insulting, and to many, highly complimentary.


A black man; especially, one of a race of black or very dark persons who inhabit the greater part of tropical Africa, and are distinguished by crisped or curly hair, flat noses, and thick protruding lips; also, any black person of unmixed African blood, wherever found.

Of or pertaining to negroes; black.

    I grew up in Lakewood NJ, about 25% Negro, 45% Jewish, and others (us).  I learned then that we (others) could learn much from those who might be a bit different, but were often better.  Joe Neal, Valdictorian of my high school class, was a very close friend, absolutely superior person: worked to help support his family, taught Sunday school, was outstanding in sports and music.  He went on to college @ Rutgers, then to dental school & very successful life.  Oh, by the way, he was a Negro, same as many other friends I had then and since.

    Since I admire my MANY Negro friends, I could never adapt to the current put down terms of "Blacks" (which actually means exactly the same as Negro), or "Afro-Americans":  they are Americans, not semi Americans.  Do you "whiteys" go by "English-American", "Irish- American", "Italian-American", "Scotch-American (like me)",  "Chinese American",  or any of the many other Americans?   I accept all as Americans when they are citizens here.   Why do YOU discriminate against any of them just because of their country of origin?

    Yes, it is obvious that I love NH and Gilford, and strongly object to government and energy waste, which raises intolerable tax increases.  Part of my Scotch heritage, maybe.

    Raymond Buckley, I thank you for your excellent, informative letter.  Proof of my reference about our great successful Negros in the USA.  We NEED a LOT more great people like you, to prove that origin (or race) can NOT be a hinderance to success.

    A special aside, sympathy to Ron Tunning, who I always thought was extra friendly because he always published my letters, unchanged, when the Citizen often edited them.  Thanks Ron, for recognizing that I am conventional!   I’m sorry for you that you missed all the humor in many of my letters!  Yes I’m getting too old & tired, but even when the body gets weak (can’t climb those mountains any more), my concern for economic safety and tax reduction continues.   How many of you are really happy about the outrageous cost of heating & cooling our schools and Gov. buildings?  How many of you have ever tried to do anything about it?  OK, so I’m an old curmudgeon,  opposed to government waste & stealing.  Does that thus mean that Ron Tunning is in favor of Gov WASTE?

    As everyone who knows me knows, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife and family, and we have likely had more fun in life than most.  I can’t recall a day that didn’t have more miracles and fun than problems (altho several times I did say "I would have no luck if I didn’t have bad luck").  I still want to win the Mega Bucks,  but friends insist I have to buy a ticket first.

    To be fair and honest:  I voted for Obama in the primary, based on his early talks, and on my admiration of Joe Neal, which I related to him.  Since then Obama has disapointed me greatly.

    Last, and least important, is Jack Polidoro’s comments.  He has never shown any sign of intelligence, and has gone downhill on this.  Can anyone logically interpret his nonsense?

Jack Stephenson,  in honesty and full humor (the only way we can tolerate politics).