Weekend Read: von Mises Part 2 - Granite Grok

Weekend Read: von Mises Part 2

Friend Jorge follows up his first recommendation for a second helping of Ludwig von Mises:
Some more thoughts on von Mises—a collection of what the world press and intellectuals said in his obituaries. 
Interesting, fast reading.
Here is a sample:
McFalls, John, investment advisor. "The Passing of Ludwig von Mises." Broadcast memorial to Ludwig von Mises, October 14-16, 1973, during Value-Action radio programs: "Mises was a master of synthesis. He brought wholeness out of the fractured field of economics. He was a scholar of great patience and integrity who believed that the movement toward collectivism and state intervention posed a grave threat to Western civilization."
I’m sure he meant whether it was spread by force or from within… Click here to read the list of obituaries for the man widely considered the last classic "liberal" thinker.