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Stopping the anti-freedom folks – PCRM

From The Center for Consumer Freedom comes this story:

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is probably hoping you didn’t catch the news this morning. The PETA-linked animal rights group, dedicated to eliminating animal products like meat, dairy, and fish from Americans’ diets, was handed a decisive defeat Wednesday in federal court. Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr. completely dismissed PCRM’s lawsuit demanding that Washington, DC supermarkets post lactose-intolerance warnings everywhere milk is sold.

To some degree, my stances go a bit to the libertarian side – for this type thing, I really want self-important folks who think they are the gift to mankind to leave my choices alone.  Folks like this have made statements like:

("a form of child abuse," in PCRM President Neal Barnard‘s words), eating cheese ("morphine on a cracker"), or having a little chocolate ("the drug of choice").

People like this have a problem – an extreme problem.  I have no problem if they wish to not partake of certain food products on their own.  I have no problem in them advocating for their position.  I DO have a problem when they try to take things away from the general public just because they think something is a bad idea. 

Personal responsibility should hold sway here – I am glad that this lawsuit failed.