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So what’s wrong with taking sides

The Muslim community is upset at yet another politician that publicly has not yet prostrated himself to their point of view – so what else is new?

I’m not happy with LA Mayor Villaraigosa for his stance on illegal immigration.  However, he is now taking it on the chin.  Why?  This story from the San Francisco Chronicle outlines why:

Villaraigosa attended a July 23 pro-Israel rally where he condemned Hezbollah guerrilla rocket attacks on Israel and said that country has an "unassailable" right to exist.

Even if he though he is an elected official, he is still entitled to his own opinion.  He does not check his First Amendment rights when he enters office.  The local Muslims do not agree with this:

"The local city mayor should never be exclusive in any way, form or shape," Syed said Friday during a news conference in front of City Hall.

"The mayor serves all Angelenos, and his public appearances should reflect that," said Edina Lekovic, spokeswoman for the Muslim Affairs Council. "We expect the leader of this city to use his office as a tool for dialogue and mutual cooperation, not divisiveness."

Er, you are wrong – an elected official can be biased in what s/he feels and does.  That’s politics and that’s why I try to vote for conservatives – they are biased towards the way I think things should be.  I’m willing to bet that if the situation was reversed, they’d be all happy and sunny, praising the Mayor.  Here, the Muslims are just playing politics.

Muslim leaders said they also felt insulted by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was featured speaker at the pro-Israel rally.

Hey, two for two!  One might logically think that perhaps a message is being sent – or is it just not being received?

"We’re fed up," added Maher Hathout, chairman of the Islamic Center of Southern California.

That’s nice.

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