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What would you expect – loonies acting looney

North Korea is trying to join in the fireworks displays for the 4th.  Sad to say, however, this is no joyous occasion but very serious.  Now we have a certifiable mad man lighting off rockets that can potentially hit both Japan and the US’s West Coast.

I wish I could just leave it at that.  Mr. Bay is correct about us having ditched the ABM missle treaty.  Thanks the good Lord above for Reagan’s Star Wars idea – we now have the Aegis cruiser, Patriot missle, and I can’t wait for the laser wielding Boeing 747 to come on line (yeah, I know about the logistics problems, but hope springs eternal, right?).

Read his article and go to some of the Mil-blogs listed…other blogs have decent (snapshot) quick-takes too.


UPDATE – 1:    DefenseTech has some good writeups….

Update – 2:   StrategyPage has a REAL bizarre story about NoKo.  One REALLY doesn’t want to tick off the bear that lives beside you and sustains you….  And people STILL think that we should talk / negotiate with folks like this.  Sorry, I do try to be mostly polite most of the time, but these guys are just plain freakin’ nutcases!