Ruminations on 7/13/06 - Granite Grok

Ruminations on 7/13/06

As I wander around the ‘Net…..

Couple of years ago, this was just an idea.  This past year, three worked.  Now, mountain climbing? 

I kinda like this idea of promoting solar energy.  However:

While a handful of US states still lack almost any meaningful incentives for encouraging citizens to generate power for their homes and businesses with renewable technologies, the state of Washington now plans to pay citizens 15 cents per kilowatt hour that "backyard" solar producers send to the state’s electric grid. That rate compares to 5-8 cents that Puget Sound Energy and Seattle City Light charge their customers, so those willing to install solar installations do much better than "net metering" models seen in other parts of the US

 The problem is that why should the other citizens of Washington be forced to ante up to pay for this?  I own / live in a passive solar house; in MA, I owned an active solar house.  Yes, I did take advantage of the tax credits at the time, but doing this on an on-going basis?


Speaking of Global Warming – it would be helpful if the primary research that started this whole brouhaha was correct.  Peer review means giving up all data, all procedures….. (H/T Junk Science)

 In Iraq (the mother of all quagmires – NOT), progress!  Actually, amidst all of the chaos of the War of Islamofacism, here’s the kind of news we don’t hear enough of.

This would not be good at all…..although it the spirit of "ignore the man behind the curtain", might be good to exposure more widely who is really controlling the action in the terrorist areas would be good – the mullahs.  (H/T – CNSNnews)

 When rights collide – which takes precedence?  Methinks that which is specifically enumerated in the First Amendment but hey, what do I know?  Seems PC won this round….  Course, with the media helping out the PC side….

Gee, true assimilation in Britian?  No wonder the Brits got problems with their kowtowing to multiculturalism…. 

From Dhimmi Watch – a very long Post, but worth the time – The beheading of Europe’s cities.

This is a pithy summary of what is going on with Israel, Palestinians, and Lebanon 

From Tongue Tied, there is this:  Let’s trash one of our nation’s symbols because it offends someone.  Guess who giving in and who can’t give up a centuries old grudge? 

Empirical evidence should trump ideology according to Instapundit.  Also from Instapundit – this!  Most Esteemed Wive, can we go there for our next vacation?

With North Korea missiles still (perhaps) a threat, it turns out that Reagan was right.  Was it easy -nope.  Was it cheap – nope.  Is it totally effective – nope.  But the pieces are coming together for what was called "Star Wars" – and I’m not talking about the movie.  This was a successful test – look at the picture too!  And another article about this, with a cooler picture, here.