I thought I was working for my family.... - Granite Grok

I thought I was working for my family….

From the American Spectator:

Americans finally have stopped working for government. Many people are familiar with "Tax Freedom Day" — April 26th this year — when they effectively finish paying their taxes. But with government running huge deficits and imposing massive regulatory requirements, we all spend a lot more time working for government. Cost of Government Day (COGD) was July 12. Remember that when politicians cry about government being starved of needed revenue.

 I’ve not seen this phrase before; I think it fits.  I long for the day (and will probably pass on before it arrives) when we common folks wake up and decide for ourselves what we need government to do for us instead of what the politicians and special interests want it to do for us.  Too many people insisting on too many rights (rights that really aren’t rights, in my humble opinion).

Over the past several years, actually. Brian Riedl of the Heritage Foundation figures that per household federal spending is $23,760 this year, the highest (inflation-adjusted) level since World War II and up $5000 from just five years ago. That’s a $1,000 a year increase

This is staggering….this comes close (or exceeds!) to the entire family income in most cases in the US.

When is enough sufficient?  When do we decide that it is too much?

And this, under a Republican controlled Federal government?