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Frequent Flyer

I used to do a lot of flying…a LOT of flying.  First for Digital Equipment in the early to mid 80’s and then again with my present company from the late 90’s up to about a year ago.  How much?  For a few years, I was a member of United’s Premier Executive level.  Kinda nice, they take care of you better than a casual passenger that may fly once or twice a year or decade. Kinda of a dubious reward – it is somewhat prestigious to get to that level, but it also means that I spent a lot of time away from home.

I figure (without checking my balance, which I haven’t done in a long time), I’ve probably flown close to 500,000 in all.  Not as much as some, but plenty more than others.

This post  is a good item to read for both current FFs and those that seldom travel.  Morale of the story – be nice.  There are times when it does pay to be rude (in all that time, I could count the times on 1 hand with fingers left over).  However, it is generally the same in travel as it is in "normal" life – being nice serves one better than being stuckup and insisting on your "rights".

The Golden Rule applies – do unto others that which you would have done unto you.   Especially to those that can upgrade you, the polite one, because they are so overjoyed in not having to listen to yet another jerk.