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A need for Patriotism

Independence Day

This past Saturday, I attended the One Voice (www.onevoiceministries.org) Celebrate America! concert – an old fashioned patriotic celebration whose theme was “America – my home” and standing with our Founders on the premise that it is God who has so blessed our Nation. Seeing the flags and listening to the songs, I was stirred to put away my “working” column for this instead. I realized, once again, how fortunate we are to live in this great country, warts and all. There is no perfect place; even America has its bad with the good. Yet because some constantly dwell only on the negative, they believe it overwhelms that goodness. And I am tired of taking it on the chin because of it!

Nativist, xenophobe, bigot, unsophisticated – pejoratives used by those who consider outward displays of affection for our country as beneath them (especially those that besmirch it)


Nativist, xenophobe, bigot, unsophisticated – pejoratives used by those who consider outward displays of affection for our country as beneath them (especially those that besmirch it). I am tired of hearing that patriotism is unhip (the Dixie Chicks) or that I am too stupid to understand that fully evolved people place their loyalty to all of humanity instead of to a mere nation (a local Lefty professor who argues for a one world government). I am tired of hearing that by lustily singing our national anthem or proclaiming the ideals that make America great is showing prejudice towards other cultures and ways of life. I am tired of hearing from the transnationalists and UN-worshipers that waving our flag proudly is jingoistic because it might offend someone from somewhere else. It seems more fashionable to denounce our government, national policies, military and our culture than to speak positively of it. They decry our history, saying that we stole the land from the Indians and have committed genocide by spreading diseases (call it even – they gave us tobacco).

My response? Dude, give me bigger flag to wave! And throw me another Dew so I can sing the Star Spangled Banner louder!

They attempt to place our current cultural mores of right and wrong onto history – an exercise not always successfully done. Our Founders, brilliant men coming together at that one special time and place, created some of the most important and admired documents the world has ever seen (the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights) that gave birth to a new nation. Yet, their accomplishments are denigrated because they owned slaves or had offensive personal peccadilloes. While we recognize wrongs, the rejection of all the good because of the bad (and by association,condemning the USA) is nothing more than an enormous act of self-nation-loathing.

Our nation has become the richest, most powerful and best nation in the world. This nation has done more for that world than any other in history. We have spilled our blood and spent our treasure multiple times to save it from those that would enslave it. We are the "cavalry riding to the rescue" when major disasters strike anywhere in the world. And not just official Government actions; ordinary citizens give of their time and money to help out more than anyone else.

Yes, we have our problems and have our fair share of wrongs – but name one other country that doesn’t! Yet we don’t shirk from righting those wrongs. And we do pull together as a nation (although at times, it takes a major disaster for us to put our bickering aside and get down the to work to of fixing the problem).

My concern is for our next generation: are they hearing the good that we have done and continue to do? I read of history books containing only politically correct histories that show America mostly in a bad light. We see the media elites pour negative story after story into the public square, often slanted to portray the worst. After years of this dribble, why would the next generation wish to to love, support, and defend this country? Without a solid understanding of both the positive and the negative, without an unbiased recounting of our history and our democratic institutions, and the singular philosophy of our bedrock ideals, I fear for our future.

When it comes right down to it, even you who are convinced that this is the vilest country on the face of the earth, reflect on this story from a milblog site. An American officer was conducting a tour of a base that was being closed and turned over to German officials. At one particular building, graffiti was written in a strident splash – “Yankee, go home”. Wistfully, was written underneath it was "(and take us with you?)".

Pass me another flag, will ya?