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Norm Silber

Norm Silber is a New Hampshire & Florida lawyer & political activist living in Gilford.  He served as a NH State Representative during 2017-18 and is an active member of numerous politically-oriented advocacy organizations, including The Federalist Society, the Republican National Lawyers Association, the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, and Gun Owners of America.

The Death Penalty Does Deter!

Some of who are usually our more conservative/libertarian state house and senate members are once again trying to repeal New Hampshire’s very limited death penalty statute.   If they succeed again this time, the Governor should once again veto the repealing legislation. RSA 630:1 sets out the only circumstances that constitute “capital murder” that can be punished …

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Great Orators of the Democratic Party – from the past compared to the present

These all might be funny if they weren’t so pathetic.  And these are our leaders????? Orators of the Democrat Party –from the past: “One man with courage makes a majority.”   ~Andrew Jackson “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”   ~Franklin D. Roosevelt “The buck stops here.”   ~Harry S. Truman …

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Religious Bigotry

Religious discrimination in NH

Anyone who thinks that anti-Catholic bias is only alive and well among the Democrats in the US Congress questioning prospective Supreme Court nominees needs to think again and look no further than our own beloved state of New Hampshire, which was originally settled in large part by French-Canadian Catholics migrating Southward. After the great Irish …

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A Flake by Any Other Name is Still a Flake

The US District Court for the Southern District of Florida is one of the busier federal trial courts in the country, and it is not unusual for civil cases filed in that Court to take over a year to come to trial because of the limited judicial resources and the necessity of giving priority to criminal cases under the Speedy Trial Rule so that criminal defendants get simply to walk away from their charges because of trial delays.

I am a long time member of the Bar of that Court and have handled some cases in that Court, which seems to be always chronically undermanned (or under-woman-ed as the case may be).

There is a disgraceful situation with respect to an appointment of a Judge to that Court that has been going on too long,

“I am running for the position of Chair (Belknap County Republican Committee)

Dear Fellow Republicans: On Wednesday, December 12, the Belknap County Republican Committee will be meeting at the Laconia VFW Post, 143 Court Street, Laconia.  The principal purpose of the meeting will be to elect 19 Republican State Committee Members from Belknap County. Although any Republican can make nominations, only “Delegates” can vote at that time. I …

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