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Ian Underwood

Ian Underwood has been a planetary scientist and artificial intelligence researcher for NASA, the director of the renowned Ask Dr. Math service, co-founder of Bardo Farm and Shaolin Rifleworks, and a popular speaker at liberty-related events. He lives in Croydon, New Hampshire.

The War on Drugs Made the War on COVID Possible

Imagine a ‘public health’ crisis, in which: The media, and both major political parties, cooperate to weave an ‘official narrative’ about how the crisis was caused and what needs to be done about it. People who wish to share facts, or express opinions, that are not aligned with this narrative are defunded, defamed, and deplatformed. …

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Problem or Consequence?

Here are a couple of examples of ‘problem-based thinking’: If people have access to guns, some small number of them will misuse those guns.  That’s a ‘problem’, and the ‘solution’ is to take guns away from everyone. If people have access to drugs, some small number of them will misuse those drugs.  That’s a ‘problem’, …

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Image of the Day

The image above is the ‘splash screen’ for software used by some towns to track assessments of real property, so that the property can be taxed — or more accurately, ransomed back to its ‘owners’ each year. I apologize for the blurriness of the image, but it just appears for 1-2 seconds when the software …

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Quote of the Day

This is from Carl Hart, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at Columbia University, quoted in the May 2021 issue of Reason: The first thing we have to recognize is that science and scientists are not the same. (In much the same way, America and Americans are not the same.) When a government official says …

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Impfung Macht Frei

I was thinking about the best way to get some yellow stars made for people who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19, to reflect the way that society will increasingly isolate and denigrate them, when I found that protesters in Germany had already started wearing such stars… until the German government banned the practice. Some …

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Dianne Feinstein

Weapons of War? You Bet.

Dianne Feinstein, in introducing yet another gun-grab bill, declared that ‘assault weapons’ are ‘weapons of war.’ Of course, by this point, the pro-rights reflex is to shout back:  No they’re not!  And then to start listing all the other uses for what are more accurately called semi-automatic sporting rifles.