Manafort Trial: Why Does The Media Want The Names And Addresses of the Jurors?

Paul Manafort was indicted by Bobby Mueller for tax evasion and money laundering. No, not in regard to any relationship with Mr. Trump or his campaign or Russian political collusion. Mr. Manafort was scrutinized under the mandate of the special prosecutor but when Team Mueller couldn’t find anything tied to their purpose they bagged him for something else.

The media has been short-stroking it as proof of something when all it really is is this.

If you dig into anyone’s life long enough you’ll find a reason to put them on trial. Worst case, you trip them up, accuse them of lying to the FBI, (or maybe tax evasion) and of to court we go. Media splash and maybe something called justice.

Whatever Manafort’s crimes, and if he is guilty of money laundering then he’s guilty, why does the media want the names and addresses of all the jurors while they are deliberating on a verdict?


They want guilty. To make sure they get there they are willing to unleash liberal mobs on the homes and lives of innocent jurors to get what they want.

The judge, himself, says he has US Marshall protection 24-hours a day because he has been threatened.

Ladies and gentleman of the public jury, this is the promise of Liberal rule. It has always been and always will.

If you do not care now you will be made to care after it is too late to stop them.