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Rebecca Bailey – candidate for NH State House, Grafton County District 15

Note: After 2 1/2 years, I am finally getting back “on the circuit” and getting to events.  When I do so, I have been offering to candidates that have been vetted to send me a quick blurb on who they are, what they are running for, and WHY they are running.  We at GraniteGrok have a decent sized voice here in NH – why not use it for the betterment of like minded folks?  So, Becky sent this so I’m keeping a promise made and putting it up


Rebecca BaileyRebecca has lived forty plus years in Grafton County New Hampshire, fourteen of those years in the town of Piermont. Where she and her partner Robert, have raised five children.

Rebecca grew up in Lyme, New Hampshire where she was a member of the local 4H Club and showed cattle around the area. She was often seen on her grandparents farm and other farms in town, on construction sites with her father, and at church with her mother. These were the foundations for a strong work ethic, frugality, and the ethic of neighbor helping neighbor. Values that she holds to this day, values that she has passed down to her children.

Rebecca believes in small government, a government that works to protect peoples Constitutional rights, not infringe on them. She believes that government on all levels should use tax payers dollars with great care, not wasting their hard earned money on un-constitutional and frivolous spending. After all the government has no money, it is ours! Fiscal responsibility is paramount.

Rebecca is a member of the Piermont Planning Board, and the Cohase Chamber of Commerce she also owns and operates a social media management company, Many Streams. She holds a BA in Communications with a minor in Social Media Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. She is currently managing a gubernatorial campaign in Vermont. Even with her busy schedule (which is due to slow down with the end of the gubernatorial campaign), Rebecca has always made time for what matters, FAMILY. Whether it be homeschooling, ATVing, or basketball games. When possible Rebecca makes the long drive to Fort Bragg to connect with her son who is stationed there. In short family comes first.

Family is the reason Rebecca is running for State Representative, her family and families across Grafton County and New Hampshire.

“I’m running for office because I believe that our state and our nation are in trouble.  We need to preserve local control and push back against the top-down decision-making that has been become prevalent.  We need to make improvements to our economy by reducing regulation and lowering the tax burden placed on job-creating businesses and improving infrastructure.  Finally, we need to reinstate the principles upon which America was founded; personal freedoms, responsibility, respect for human life, and integrity in government.  We need a return to common sense.”

–Rebecca Bailey

Running for State Representative
Grafton County District 15
Facebook @BaileyforNH