GrokPoll: Abortion in New Hampshire

March for LifeHow much support is there for abortion in New Hampshire? Democrats want us to believe that the majority of Granite Stater’s support the practice. Gubernatorial Candidate Steve “Take another Step to the Left” Marchand is convinced of this. Elsewhere I’ve seen more nuanced responses.

Most of the folks I know are committed to protecting pre-born life with few exceptions, like to save the life of the mother. But some support abortion up to 20 weeks. Others are indifferent to the life question but don’t want tax dollars supporting the practice.

What’s your position?

You only get to vote once but you should be able to choose up to three responses in the list below before hitting the vote button. This allows you to choose a position on life/abortion, add whether you support or oppose taxpayer funding for abortion and if you’d like – not required – to add a comment under ‘other.’

Assume the taxpayer question includes support or opposition for chemical abortion products but not contraception.

[Updated] Other items (if I did this correctly) [I did not do it correctly]should be visible as selections to future poll takers so keep that in mind (assuming it works) [It did not work] because you still only get three selection and one opportunity to vote. [I did figure out how to make this work next time!]

If you need all three responses and want to add additional remarks please do so in comments or if you don’t use Disqus you can email them to me and I’ll roll them into my results-post on Monday Morning.

This poll is live from now until 11 pm ET, Sunday, July 8th.

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